A Journey in the North (Nordic folk music)

A Journey in the North (Nordic folk music)

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A slideshow with Swedish landscapes set to a song called Stenristarna, composed by Anders Hagberg. Sung by Eivør Pálsdóttir.

The song can be found on the CD Stenristarna, Itunes and the website:

24 Comments to A Journey in the North (Nordic folk music)

  1. Laurel Cook says:

    I opened my eyes at 3:31 and almost threw my phone across the room, omg. I was expecting a beautiful landscape and I came face to face with a strange cat carving.

  2. Tjodulfr Jorge says:

    I know where I stand, you cannot love something and not wish to defend it from harm.

  3. tösk says:

    Long live the nordic lands

  4. SonsOfNorth says:

    Isn't this a Borknagar song? Gods of My World from 3:00.

  5. Mikael Karlsson says:

    Think I saw some picture from Kittefjäll 🙂

  6. Brigante says:

    EVROPA must not fall

  7. Haas Konijn says:

    Sami ?

  8. Alexander G. Hoffmann says:

    Only if I could make myself useful..I would do anything to save the Scandinavian culture and its people because they are in great danger of extinction.Rise up beautiful, amazing and brilliant people, fight back the invaders and be proud of who you are.You are the most amazing people in the whole world.

  9. Dave Snyder says:

    Beautjful music wish i new sweedish

  10. Amrita Sahu says:

    I am Indian but I am in love with Scandinavian folk music. It just gives me goosebumps. It's magical, exotic and just amazing. I can never get tired of listening to it.

  11. Kanda R. says:

    Eleva mi espiritu

  12. tekitoubanzai says:

    Refugees NOT WELCOME

  13. R2 T2 says:

    I live in a small town in America, although I feel such a connection to my family roots of Irish, German, & Icelandic decent. This music takes me back to my roots, makes me feel alive again in this fast paced, false world. Never felt like I could understand that way of life, give me nature, animals, and this amazing music

  14. aaa aaa says:

    I love Nordic countries, but I fucking HATE Nordic peoples.

  15. Artturi Salmela says:

    I'am Finnish and I'am proud to be.

  16. J Sutherland says:

    Parsley, Sage Rosemary and Thyme……..he once was a true love of mine.

  17. Eslam badawieh says:

    גועל נפש

  18. Mattias Johansson says:

    Sweden. Most beautiful country on Earth

  19. CarmenToons says:

    Folk music is so pure. It's a way to enjoy many cultures even if it is not your own. ❤️

  20. Sokami Mashibe says:

    The singing in this is truly one of a kind among the wind, the trees and craggy mountains.

  21. Swedish Technocrat says:

    I love Sweden my own fatherland. But the cities are truly fucked and i will be leaving Gothenburg as fast as i can for my ancestral homeland of Bohuslän and it's amazing islands and nature. Long live my Scandinavian home! long live Sweden and God save the King! Skål bröder!


    beautifull pcitures.

  23. Beatrice Neniute says:

    OMG I love this song! Lovely! 😀

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