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Set in ancient Egypt under Roman rule|AGORA follows the brilliant and beautiful astronomer Hypatia (Weisz) who leads a group of disciples fighting to save the wisdom of the Ancient World|as violent religious upheaval spills into the streets of Alexandria. Among these disciples are two men competing for her heart: the witty|privileged Orestes (Isaac) and Davus (Minghella)|Hypatia’s young slave|who is torn between his secret love for her and the freedom he knows can be his if he chooses to join the unstoppable surge of the Christians.

8 Comments to Agora

  1. TER 0 says:

    more eurocentric christianic bullshi4

  2. Sandra Gaines says:

    Just Paid for Agora Movie but cannot view…ripoff !

  3. Kenrgy says:

    We should do to the Vatican City as they did to Alexandria. But instead of burning the hidden records they keep. We should use them to prosecute the whole Christian church organization as an Historical ongoing criminal enterprise.

  4. Kenrgy says:

    seems the movie stops short of the actuall events. hey forgot to portray the flaying by pottery shards those crazy monkeys did to Hypatia. Thats how the awakened Lady was treated for seeking true knowledge as a non christian and FEMALE.

  5. Kenrgy says:

    WOW my history teachers from public schools and preachers from all those SKY GOD CHURCHES my young developing human brain was subjected to need to watch this version of history. it makes way more sense to me. Although Im sure the Muslem religion was not silent during this period? It seems we are to believe it was jews and christians alone in Alexandria? I love science and history. and for this to be the first time i ever heard the name Aristrchus of Samos has to be one of the biggest insults to my hunger for learning the truth that i have experienced in a very long time. And it sounds like the Lady Hypatia also believed the Earth was not centered in our solar system. Like Capernicus and Galileo that also speculated and tried to prove. The damage and retardation of human learning and mental evolution that religions in general enable and promote. I believe out ways any benefits they may have appeared to bring humans on Earth.
    Please wake the fuck up HUMANS?

  6. Mike Ripple says:

    we are the same…1700 years later…arrogant, egocentric, superstitious…we will never change…the pouson of tge masses has rendered us eternally stupid. Such is the state of the human species.

  7. Tara Dobbs says:

    Not for full on purchase? I wonder why! Why can't this be for long term purchase? Why? I rented it once and I want to buy it for my collection. All because the story line is about a woman that faced down foolish men and an even more foolish government! Her story must be told. The lessons should be told cause we are going through this all over again.

  8. Citrine Sept says:

    As was so it still is, we continue as a people to refute truth over theory, authority over truth. Although, truth isn't always accurate neither is theory always relevant.
    At the end of the day such like Hypatia's stoning, it's always the fairest in the land to get the shit end of the stick or in her case stones.

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