An example of an Irish folk music scale

An example of an Irish folk music scale

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A simple demo for anyone starting out on guitar and who wants to play around with an Irish-influenced folk scale. (It’s just as useful for most UK and American folk music as well). I’ve kept the demo to just the top 4 strings of a guitar to make it easier to experiment. (I rarely use a plectrum these days, so I was a bit rusty when I recorded this).

7 Comments to An example of an Irish folk music scale

  1. andrea chiabotto says:

    Isn't this just a normal Major scale? 2nd , 3rd major, perfect 4th, , perfect 5th, major 6th, major 7th… what's the trick?

  2. Vinny says:

    Wow that was really epic, sweet!

  3. MrMcRees says:

    Cool! We want more 🙂

  4. Lisnageeragh says:

    Why all these pecial scale mysteries about Irish Music or is this just related to guitar technique??

  5. Brandon Thompson says:

    this helps a lot. thanks!

  6. Jurikun0328 says:

    This Irish scale is G major?
    Difficult to play like Irish,i need more practices:)

  7. Jurikun0328 says:

    thank u!!!!

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