Annie Bratayley Reacts to Her Old Musical.lys – Acroanna | Reaction

Annie Bratayley Reacts to Her Old Musical.lys - Acroanna | Reaction

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24 Comments to Annie Bratayley Reacts to Her Old Musical.lys – Acroanna | Reaction

  1. Marie-Jeanne Prince says:

    annie 's face at 1:39

  2. Chelsea Green says:


  3. Leah Kelly says:

    Annie should react to this

  4. Saddie Christensen says:

    the mark on her face was a bruise

  5. Total Fangirl says:

    that mark on her face is a bruise. She smashed her face on the mirror at Gymnastics. I'm surprised she doesn't remember that

  6. adriana J-S says:

    Her last name is LeBlanc not bratayley . Bratayleys her family's channel name

  7. They Call Me Staicy says:

    That mark happened because she was at gym and she thought she had enough room to do I think it was a back handspring and she hit her face on the mirror and got a bruise

  8. Kayla McHugh says:

    It wasn't a mark she bruised her face

  9. Marvelous Melody 55 says:

    the way he says brayeyley is so arrrrrrrr

  10. Jess_loves_gaming _22 says:

    who thinks annie is so pretty! ❤

  11. Kaitlyn Tran says:

    When he says Bratayley
    Dat cringe is so real

  12. noob1starplanet MSP says:

    Idk what musicaly is and I'm 10 xD

  13. Elexia Slack says:

    Annie had a mark on her face because she hit her face and it was bruised very bad

  14. sophia sturm says:

    i like annie but i personally disagree with you

  15. James Holcombe says:

    i love you annie and your musicalys if you are watching this.

  16. James Holcombe says:

    annie is relly good at gym and musicalys.

  17. WILL WILSON says:

    that is a bros

  18. Dream Big says:

    Annie's musical.lys where only from like a year ago.

  19. sarah Moore7 says:

    she's was good then

  20. Tara Mcbride says:

    Annie fell on the beam that's why i think.

  21. Maya Quinn says:

    yes that was katie

  22. Gymnastic Potato says:

    the mark on her face is a bruise from gymnastics

  23. RICK DECOTEAU says:

    can you react to her sisters channel the abc gymnastics challenge her channel is ellonyah

  24. LaraAka says:

    Can u do a reacting video to cringy musical.lys and do mine my acc is called Lara cope

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