Are Ye Sleeping Maggie – lyrics – Scottish Folk Music by Rapalje

Are Ye Sleeping Maggie - lyrics - Scottish Folk Music by Rapalje

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Are Ye Sleeping Maggie Lyrics . Well known Scottish folk song we learned from the Tannahill weavers.





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Are Ye Sleeping Maggie – Lyrics

Mirk an’ dreary is the nicht
There’s no’ a staurn in a’ the carry
Lichtnin’s gleam athwart the lift
The cauld winds drive wi’ winter’s fury

Oh, are ye sleepin’ Maggie
Oh, and are ye sleepin’ Maggie
Let me in for loud the linn
Is howlin’ ower the warlock Craigie

Fearfu’ soughs the boortree bank
The rifted wood roars wild and dreary
Loud the iron yett does clank
The cry of hoolits mak’s me eerie


Abune my breath I daurnae speak
For fear I rouse your waukrife daddy
Cauld’s the blast upon my cheek
Arise, arise, my bonnie lady


She’s op’d the door, she’s let him in
She’s cuist aside his dreepin’ plaidie
What care I for rain or wind
For Maggie noo I’m here aside ye


Traditional arranged by Rapalje

RAPALJE, Celtic Folk Music with a difference!

The musicians of Rapalje with their wild hair and medieval kilts create a flaming energy with their enthusiasm and motivation. With sensitive ballads, fiery songs and vivacious Celtic melodies Rapalje electrifies their audience. A concert of Rapalje is like a journey through time with recognizable licentiousness and a rough way of life.

Soundtrack download on iTunes and Amazon. Track from Live DVD, Recorded at De Groene Engel, Oss. Video by D’Images. Sound by SoundBase.

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21 Comments to Are Ye Sleeping Maggie – lyrics – Scottish Folk Music by Rapalje

  1. Iwan Kessler says:

    sehr schön , hoffe ich sehe Euch im Sonner in Fehraltorf

  2. Lisa Van Der Linden says:

    Onwijs bedankt voor de waanzinnige muzikale ervaring in Delfzijl afgelopen donderdag. Ik was er samen met mijn moeder en oma uit Australië. Hebben enorm genoten. Toppers bedankt

  3. nickwalco says:

    hi from Trinidad and Tobago 🙂

  4. Achraf Malah says:

    I'm Morrocan i like this song and i've learned the lyrics. Peace

  5. Mary McMahon says:

    Thank you as always making my soul dance

  6. Waldimart says:

    Saw you at MPS in Weil am Rhein today for the first time and OH MY GOD, I'm gonna get all your CDs asap!

  7. Martie mrm says:

    Love this!!!!

  8. Lisa Van Der Linden says:

    Wat een verwennerij! grauwe nacht, terwijl de regen op m'n pannen tikt vullen deze geweldige harmonieuze klanken de leegte van m'n kamer. Wow

  9. rodsreel says:

    Can anyone tell the type & key of the harp, which position its played in and the key of the tune? most appreciated Rod

  10. khalil turjman says:

    i really obsessed with this music ,, greetings from Palestine

  11. sunlutan1861 says:

    Super 🙂 🙂

  12. Malva Lannister says:

    it´s beautiful, lovely and universal…makes my heart dance…and i´m not scottish, i´m mexican 😛

  13. Romana Summerer says:


  14. H Dekker says:

    Geweldige band, Geweldig nummer.

  15. Олег Щукин says:

    молодцы! надо больше общаться.

  16. Youenn says:

    Amazing ,grossartig , diese Musik ist sehr beliebt in Brittany ,probably more in western Brittany as we are there of keltic origin like the Scottish who have created that wonderful song , .makes my keltic blood boil..

  17. Youenn says:

    Scots ,Irish ,Manx ,Cornish , Welsh and Bretons ,c'hwec'h bro ,eun ene ,six countries ,one soul..

  18. rodsreel says:

    The song was written By Robert Tannahill ,Scottish man, born 1774.
    I gig this in the Cairngorms highlands. I love the harmonica in this song
    This really is a great version – cheers fae Bonnie Scotland lads, "May ye gan far an fare weel"

  19. sabrinagelatina says:

    * — * What an amazing song! <3

  20. Kenig_84 says:

    Чё сучки Russia  good   самая лучшая группа)

  21. 105thecb says:

    Dark and rainy is the night,
    There's no a star in a' the carry;
    Lightnings gleam athwart the lift,
    And the cauld winds drive wi' winter's fury.

    O! are ye sleepin', Maggie?
    O! are ye sleepin', Maggie?
    Let me in, for loud the linn
    Is roarin' o'er the warlock craigie!

    Fearfu' soughs the boortree bank,
    The rifted wood roars wild and drearie,
    Loud the iron yett does clank,
    And the cry o' howlets makes me eerie.

    Aboon my breath I daurna speak
    For fear I rouse your waukrife daddie;
    Cauld's the blast upon my cheek, –
    Arise, arise, my bonnie lady!

    She op'd the door, she let him in;
    He coost aside his dreepin' plaidie;
    Blaw your warst, ye rain and win',
    Since, Maggie, now I'm in aside ye.

    Now since ye're waukin', Maggie,
    Now since ye're waukin', Maggie,
    What care I for howlet's cry,
    For boortree bank, or warlock craigie?

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