“Arirang” (Symphony Orchestra Music) – Korean Folk Music

"Arirang" (Symphony Orchestra Music) - Korean Folk Music

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Arirang (Symphony Orchestra Music) – Korean Folk Music
아리랑 교향곡 – KBS 교향악단 일본공연 2007
Conductor : 장윤성 Jang Yun-Sung
KBS Symphony Orchestra S.Korea Tour Overseas (Tokyo & Osaka)
03rd,OCT,2007 Osaka Symphony Hall in Osaka Japan.

Trivia : “Arirang”is already well known to Worldwide.
Especially, In USA & Japan
American High School Bands often perform
“Variations on a Korean Folk Song”
by John Barnes Chance in 1965.
Japan High School Bands is like the preceding.

“Arirang” is the soul & Spirit to Korean thus
“Arirang”is almost The Traditional National Anthem to Both Korean.
PLS Don’t mis-understand that this orchestra belonging to South Korea.

The KBS Symphony Orchestra is the flagship orchestra of
Korea’s national public service broadcaster.
KBS (Korean Broadcasting System), has played a leading role in
Korean musical life since its founding in 1956.

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30 Comments to “Arirang” (Symphony Orchestra Music) – Korean Folk Music

  1. belkız alpagu says:

    This is beyond beautiful :')

  2. Pokémon Trainer Elio says:

    Sounds more European than Asian, like it was composed for an opera, very reminiscent of Humming Chorus from Madame Butterfly.

  3. الإسكندر Alexander says:

    A wild Korean comment appeard!!!

    어 와일드 코리안 코멘트 어피얼드!!!

  4. Kit Kat says:

    This is truly one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard.

  5. aichichungo says:

    Arirang song for the orchestra version was composed by the famous North Korean composer.
    North Korea also has its National Symphony Orchestra and it performs Arirang many times in North Korea.
    A few years ago New York Philharmonic orchestra visited North Korea for the first time, and they played this piece . Their performance was different from the one North Korean orchestra played.. KBS Symphony Orchestra played much better than NY did. It doesn't matter because Arirang is the song which comes from the bottom of the heart of the Korean people.

  6. Ben Kim says:

    Just a Korean living in America… This song brought me to absolute tears. I miss Korea every time I hear this.

  7. 39murfy says:


  8. Hailey Windley says:

    What a beautiful song…. this is simply amazing to listen to.

  9. morrisonreed1 says:

    the first two songs i have memory of are Arirang and Amazing Grace ; my father sang Arirang to me when i was a boy .He served in The Coldest Winter .He had a fondness for the Korean people till his death .Thank you for posting this song

  10. Thom Smith says:

    If i ever had the pleasure to conduct, I’ll choose this magnificant piece of art!

  11. jang yun says:

    Reuniitd korea national anthum, arirang
    this tradition song is in Korea for thousands years.

  12. The DMZ Veteran says:

    Loved this song since my first time in Korea, 1983. 35 plus years later, still in love and totally understand the meaning to it. Thank you.

  13. Jack pine Savage says:

    To watch those Korean families, from North & South, reunited, makes me cry.  May Korea become one nation again very soon.

  14. rosa evelyn salas says:

    I'm not Korean too but I hum some songs of Dongyi and Jumong's OST…so nice

  15. Mak Athena says:

    AWESOME! The song represents the whole Korean race, both North Korea and South Korea. Love from Hong Kong. 사랑~❤️

  16. Dason Lee says:

    Dragon wars theme.

  17. Dason Lee says:

    The Korean War.

  18. Ollie Green says:

    First heard this from BTS but I’m so glad I found a more traditional version of it!! So pretty

  19. László Lingvai says:

    Csodálatos élmény … köszönöm hogy itt hallgathattam…

  20. Munzy먼지 says:

    Yeegeo Muande goqweriya…

  21. محمد الفوزان says:

    لا اتكلم الكوريه لكن الموسيقى اخذت قلبي معها
    نعم يا ساده انها لغة كل الشعوب الموسيقى
    تحيه من المملكة العربية السعودية الي شعب
    كوريا الصديق❤️

  22. physiologist 007 says:

    As a Chinese I am familiar with this Korean music. We have Korea minority as part of Chinese population, so this music is also dear to me. Having listened to many different versions of the performance, I found my understanding to it is deepened and more comprehensive now. Thanks to the Korean audience above who shared their understanding, especially about Korean history, it is very helpful. Arirang is more than a piece of music.

  23. Random Cattitude says:

    Best national anthem in the world, i.m.h.o

  24. enzo paiar says:

    bello, un sentore di Puccini

  25. Ginji says:

    OMG. That was beautiful.

  26. {class & ass kpop fan} says:

    My schools chinese orchestra (I’m in) literally doesn’t need the conductor he’s no help tbh we can play without him

  27. The young Karrot says:

    3;41 oh fuck you

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