Avril Lavigne – Here’s to Never Growing Up (Official Music Video)

Avril Lavigne - Here's to Never Growing Up (Official Music Video)

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Here’s To Never Growing Up Buy the album here: Follow Avril: (c) 2013 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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15 Comments to Avril Lavigne – Here’s to Never Growing Up (Official Music Video)

  1. Marie Moonpie says:

    First time I listened to this I was driving to my high school graduation in 2013 it was a little moment I’ll never forget

  2. Leïla Rahmani says:

    2019 ??

  3. Avril jayana garcia seul says:

    20019 ¿? Laik

  4. Diana Safitri says:

    April i like you so much,, rambutnya seperti dulu lg dong biar keliatan lebih muda lg pliiizzz..

  5. ohsnapitzjac says:

    watching this on 2019 ♡

  6. Trouve Moi says:


  7. Berkay says:


  8. Laughable Capricorn says:

    2019 people where you at??!!!!

  9. Kelsey Nishke says:

    who else is still listening to this in 2019

  10. negan 2018 says:

    Yup she has me hooked

  11. kevin jay borbon says:

    Avril’s 6th album Head Above Water will be coming this February 2019. Who else is excited?

  12. Christa Vasquez says:

    2019 and we still ain’t growing up who’s with me!!!

  13. Karen Custódio says:

    Cara não gosto de funk mas respeito

  14. Karen Custódio says:

    Love You U.S.A

  15. Karen Custódio says:

    Love foi U.S.A sou do Brasil

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