Ben Howard – Only Love (Official Music Video)

Ben Howard - Only Love (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Ben Howard performing Only Love. (C) 2011 Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited

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28 Comments to Ben Howard – Only Love (Official Music Video)

  1. Sumeet Sharma says:


  2. WanBaw McGraw says:

    Anyone know what sort of bike that is?

  3. carloaz says:

    So many are disappointed in LOVE…others ???

  4. Melissa says:

    you are amazing

  5. Sylvan Rou says:

    Leap of faith.

  6. Fluently Fletch. says:

    This song makes me so nostalgic it hurts. So heartwrenching, it's suffocatingly beautiful

  7. Yas M says:

    So raddd!!!!!

  8. Lisa's Forhead says:

    His voice is just so beautiful and just perfect, like the emotion in it will bring tears to all, it’s just so unique, I love you Ben always will

  9. Obvious Bambi says:

    In the words of Ed Sheeran
    "Ben Howard is so sick."

  10. edward harris says:


  11. weronica Rocha says:

    Sou Simplesmente apaixonada Ben Howard

  12. Jordan McCaughey says:

    The thumbnail triggers me, valve pls fix

  13. Casey Greco says:

    I devoted this song to my ability to be free because for so long I was ashamed of my true desires and always felt like I was making waves wherever I went. I finally grew to accept myself for who I am and I ask…only love

  14. Lolly Lolita's Man says:

    Saffy Sassy Saffy….It Is love…xox xox 118 xox xox

  15. Gods convict says:

    Watch me fall apart

  16. Patty Gómez says:

    I really love this song, it brings me peace and love ❤

  17. H G says:

    2018 anyone???

  18. Bry says:

    Thank you Ben Howard for all of your hard work and relentless efforts to get this out to the world.

    So many ppl are showing you love.. inspiring. I hope to be that full of love one day.

  19. Andressa Flores says:


  20. Rommel fonseca says:

    Por que demorei tanto pra descobrir essa música? Maravilhosa.

  21. Phoebe Surman says:

    Jack costley has an amazing voice , you gotta listen to it

  22. BLACK HEART says:

    anyone listen in 2018

  23. joe rose says:

    Trying to play in standard tuning – hell, what a song tho

  24. Lochlanist says:

    Ben Howard, hozier, John Mayer. I always seem to come back to them.

    Any others?

  25. 김보경 says:

    i am in 2018

  26. SRM30 says:


  27. Elsa Johnson says:

    Love the guitar

  28. Trish Kelly says:

    Never knew this existed! Love love love! I've been listening to the acoustic version this whole time

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