8 Comments to BOBBY REED – BABY DON’T LEAVE ME – Northern Soul

  1. dundeeron says:

    lovin this one ta4 posting !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 17soulable says:

    great stuff. thanks for postin.

  3. hudpunk says:

    top tune…unissued,,,,big andy rix/adey c. spin in the late 90s….

  4. Soulie101 says:

    nice one dave, great track, i love "the time is right for love" by bobby as well…ktf dude great post

  5. Soul Boy says:

    Im not sure i have heard this one, i probably have (there are so many) but its good

  6. eringobrath says:

    another great post Dave *****

  7. niteowl147 says:

    Great track Dave. nice vid M8.

  8. djdeitch says:

    Another top drawer Northern gem !!!,.ktf.

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