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Upbeat and Groovy Vintage Soul Background Music | A DAY IN CINCINNATI| Positive Vintage Music

Upbeat and Groovy Vintage Soul Background Music | A DAY IN CINCINNATI| Positive Vintage Music

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Russian Balalaika Folk Music on Vinyl Record

Russian Balalaika Folk Music on Vinyl Record

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Play, My Balalaika
The Andreyev Balalaika Ensemble, Vol. 2
0:31 Tsiganka (Gypsy Girl)
3:10 Lara’s Theme (from the film “Dr. Zhivago”)
6:24 Troika (Russian Dance)
8:48 Stariny Vals
11:58 Russian Medley A) Haida Troika B) Proshchai Ty Staraya Derevnya C) Buran
16:37 Kalitka (Little Gate)
20:43 Those Were the Days (based on the Russian Song “The Long Road”)
24:07 Korobushka (The Peddler’s Box)
26:23 Crimean Sketches
30:00 Kokhanochka (Dance)
33:33 España
35:40 Two Songs (from the Soviet film “Birobidzhan”): Lyrical Song / Fisherman’s Revery

I bought this from a thrift store and it is in pretty rough shape. I cleaned it up, but of course the damage is permanent. It skipped a couple of times, but I’m still very happy with this record.



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“A top-notch discovery and perfect for the scene” Donald Moore, soul fan Michigan, USA
Hamilton was born in Birmingham, Alabama and moved to East Detroit as a young child. There he later formed the Arabians (including members Clarence McClean, George Goodman, Charles Laird and Robert Tutt). Record label owner and singer, Johnnie “Mae” Matthews gave them their first release “The Shack” on her Northern Label in 1960. Their next stop was the Lanrod label and their first encounter with the influential James Hendrix who issued “My One Possession” on Carrie records. Two tracks recorded for Hendrix were released to James Kemper’s New York Label, Le Mans, and although “(Please) Take a Chance on Me” didn’t hit at the time, it became a huge collector’s item ten years on. After a brief spell with a new Falcons line-up, Hamilton returned to Hendrix, who was then working with Lou Beatty, and was put under Melvin Davis’s wing, recording “Call Me” for Carrie records. The track had sufficient potential to go to New York again, this time on the Jameco record label. In 1967 Hamilton reunited with the Arabians and signed for Beatty’s Mary Jane label, with Coleman instead of Tutt. The label brought a clutch of excellent sides, all now revered on the Northern Soul and Detroit collectors scenes. Following the closure of La Beat records and subsequently Mary Jane, Hamilton left the music scene to work in the car plants.
Adapted from Keith Rylatt “Groovesville USA – The Detroit Soul and R&B Index”
BDYW writers
“Sadly, Fred (Bridge) and Richard (Knight) would also have to deal with clerical error at La Beat. “We wrote a song called ‘I’m Coming Home’ for Edward Hamilton & the Arabians. They made a mistake and called it “Baby Don’t You Weep’.”
This is was a number of songs which Fred lists as missing from the BMI database. It would be sad to think that they had missed out on royalties for this classic song. SoulfulDetroit
The Arabians
Jam 3738 – The Shack / Heaven Sent You
Northern 3738 – The Shack / Heaven Sent You
Twin Star 1018 – The Shack / Heaven Sent You

Edward Hamilton
Carrie 1516 – My One Possession / Somebody Tell Me
Carrie 6502 – I’m Gonna Love You / Call Me (Orange Label)
Carrie 009 – Call Me / I’m Gonna Love You (Green Label)

The Arabians
Staff 1808 – Today I Kissed My New Love / Let Me Try
Carrie 0039 – I Love You So / Now You Have To Cry Alone

Edward Hamilton & The Fifes
Jameco 2008 – I’m Gonna Love You / Call Me

The Arabians
Lanrod 1605 – I Love You So / Now You Have To Cry Alone
Lanrod 1605 – Temptation Of Love / Now You Have To Cry Alone
Lanrod 1606 – You Upset Me Baby / (Please) Take A Chance On Me
Le Mans 004 – Please Take A Chance On Me / You Upset Me Baby

Edward Hamilton & The Arabians
Mary Jane 1003 – My Darlin’ Baby / Tell Me
Mary Jane 1003 – Tell Me / For Me Only
Mary Jane 1005 – Baby Don’t You Weep / Tell Me

The Arabians
Mary Jane 1006 – School Is Cool / Tell Me

Edward Hamilton & The Arabians
Mary Jane 1007 – Thank You Mother / Thank You Mother (Inst)
Mary Jane 1008 – I’m Gonna Love You / Tell Me
Mary Jane 1009 – Yes I Can / My Darlin’ Baby
Mary Jane 1010 – My Darlin’ Baby / Willing Mind
Mary Jane 6707 – Just Let Me Know / I’n Gonna Love You
Courtesy of Dave Rimmer – Soulful Kinda Music

UK Grapevine Records Release GRP 134 (1980)
Grapevine label owner John Anderson struck a licensing deal with Lou Beatty, owner of the La Beat, Mary Jane and Carrie labels. Several of Lou’s productions appeared on Grapevine records. BDYW had been bootlegged a year earlier, Grapevine made the decision to place the uptempo dancer “I’m Gonna Love You” on the B-side. “I’m Gonna Love You” had earlier been listed as Eddie Holman’s ‘Eddie’s My Name’, which surfaced instead on Grapevine’s third album, “This Is Northern Soul’ – the last and rarest of the three Grapevine albums, this had suffered from distribution problems.
“Lou Beatty owned a construction company and liquor store in Detroit. I offered him, say, a thousand dollars for the label and got all the records and tapes — lock, stock and barrel. It was nothing to him anymore. Edward Hamilton made records throughout the 60’s and had a local following in Detroit.” John Anderson (Sowl Bowl Records)
Adapted from Planet Records
Some othe original Mary Jane P 1005 A have a label variation with the “Mike Terry” crediting omitted.
The look-alike US bootleg record is plain black and white. The original records have white and red square designs with blue lettering.

Earl Grant – The End (

Earl Grant - The End (

Views:25149|Rating:4.77|View Time:2:15Minutes|Likes:184|Dislikes:9
Earl Grant (January 20, 1931 — June 10, 1970) was an American pianist, organist, and vocalist popular in the 1950s and 1960s.
Grant was born in Idabel, Oklahoma. Though he would be known later for his keyboards and vocals, Grant also played trumpet and drums. Grant attended four music schools, eventually becoming a music teacher. He augmented his income by performing in clubs during his army service, throughout which he was stationed in Fort Bliss, Texas. Grant signed with Decca Records in 1957 and his first single “The End” reached number 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Ebb Tide, released in 1961, was his first album, which also rose to number 7 on the Billboard 200. The single “Ebb Tide” sold over one million copies, gaining gold disc status. He recorded five more singles that made the charts, including “Swingin’ Gently” (from Beyond the Reef), and six additional albums (mostly on the Decca label) through 1968. He also recorded the album Yes Sirree and the instrumental albumTrade Winds, single-tracked on the Hammond organ and piano, featuring the love theme from the film El Cid and Chaplin’s “Eternally”. This album featured some realistic sounding ‘tropical bird calls’ produced by his electric organ. “The House of Bamboo” was another big-selling single. In all, Grant recorded 30 albums for Decca.
Several of his albums featured tenor saxophonist Plas Johnson.
Grant also made a few appearances in film and television, including Tender Is the Night (1962), Juke Box Rhythm (1959), and The Ed Sullivan Show (1961).
He died instantly in a car accident in Lordsburg, New Mexico, at the age of 39 when the car he was driving ran off Interstate 10. He was driving from Los Angeles to an intended destination in Juarez, Mexico. His 17-year-old cousin was also killed in the accident.

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Silent Film Music Collection: Old Music & Western Saloon Music

Silent Film Music Collection: Old Music & Western Saloon Music

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Western Saloon Music 。Old Music Silent 。Silent Film Music Collection
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Music Credits:
Artist: Kevin MacLeod
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0



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Hey folks! I wrote this song about year ago and it’s just up on Spotify. Long story short about this song, I wrote this lyrics back when I was in Bali. There, I met a beautiful soul who inspired me to see more of the Atlas and since then she gave me very good vibes even from across the ocean. And yet its friendship still last. So here I am just trying to share its positive vibes even just a bit.

Written by Ivas Dewantara
Music by Norman Hanifan
Music Director by Seto Brahmana
Vocal also by Eksa Eksa

Copyright by @ivasdewantara
Instagram link @ivasdewantara

Available on Spotify

and Joox Music

It’s available also on iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon, YouTube Music, Instagram music fiture, etc.
If you like just type INS/E – The wind whispers.

Thankyou for listening and hope you guys enjoy it:)

You Don’t Know What Love Is

You Don't Know What Love Is

Views:12598|Rating:4.91|View Time:6:31Minutes|Likes:53|Dislikes:1
“You Don’t Know What Love Is” is a popular song of the Great American Songbook. The music was written by Gene de Paul, and the lyrics by Don Raye. The song was published in 1941. It was written for the Abbott and Costello film Keep ‘Em Flying, and featured Carol Bruce as the vocalist. However, the song was dropped from the film prior to release and was never used. Miles Davis and other jazz musicians began recording and playing the song in the 1950s, after which it became a popular jazz standard. The song was also notable as the leitmotif for the film, The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999).

Kingsville Folk Music Festival 2015

Kingsville Folk Music Festival 2015

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Kingsville Folk Music Festival August 7-9 2015 at Lakeside Park in Kingsville, Ontario. 3 Days, 5 stages, Rain or Shine Accessible. Children 16 and under FREE
Video by Ben Srokoscz Spur of the Moment Media

Rodgers & Hammerstein: Carousel

Rodgers & Hammerstein: Carousel

Views:4712|Rating:4.80|View Time:3:33Minutes|Likes:24|Dislikes:1
In the sixth episode of a series of videos that explore the Rodgers and Hammerstein collections at the Library of Congress, Michael Feinstein examines the origins of the opening number from the hit musical Carousel, “Carousel Waltz.” Produced by special arrangement with Imagem/Williamson Music Inc.

Speaker Biography: Michael Feinstein, the multi-platinum-selling, two-time Emmy and five-time Grammy-nominated entertainer, dubbed “The Ambassador of the Great American Songbook,” is considered one of the premier interpreters of American standards. His 200-plus shows a year have included performances at Carnegie Hall, the White House, Buckingham Palace, Sydney Opera House and the Hollywood Bowl. Feinstein has received national recognition for his commitment to celebrating America’s popular song and preserving its legacy for future generations. In 2007, he founded the Michael Feinstein Great American Songbook Initiative, dedicated to celebrating the art form and preserving it through educational programs, as well as the annual High School Vocal Academy and Competition. Michael serves on the Library of Congress’ National Recording Preservation Board.

For transcript, captions, and more information, visit

National Panasonic SG 3090L Vintage Music Center Top Best of Technics Turntable Amplifier Tuner

National Panasonic SG 3090L Vintage Music Center Top Best of Technics Turntable Amplifier Tuner

Views:3937|Rating:4.55|View Time:5:34Minutes|Likes:10|Dislikes:1
National Panasonic SG 3090L Vintage Music Center Top Best of Technics Turntable Amplifier Tuner
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The Weeknd – Wicked Games (Explicit)

The Weeknd - Wicked Games (Explicit)

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Best of The Weeknd:
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Music video by The Weeknd performing Wicked Games (Explicit). ©: XO&co., Inc., under exclusive license to Universal Republic Records, Inc., a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Amsterdam Soul Club Motown & Northern Soul showreel

Amsterdam Soul Club Motown & Northern Soul showreel

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A small selection of the videoclips that I VJ with at the Amsterdam Soul Club.
Most original material had unusable audio and had to be completely reworked. The live performances were synched to studio-recordings, where possible from vinyl 45´s.
At the moment my collection contains about 400 Motown and Northern Soul videoclips. Good for a unique, steaming two hour VJ set.
Btw, the Arthur Conley footage was actually shot in Amsterdam, Holland in 1968!
Supremes – You Keep Me Hanging On
Archie Bell & The Drells – Tighten Up
Four Tops – Bernadette
Sam & Dave – Soulman
Mel Tormé – Comin Home Baby
Temptations – The Way You Do The Things You Do
Impressions – We´re A Winner
Shirley Ellis – Clapping Song
Dobie Gray – Out On The Floor
Martha & The Vandellas – Heatwave
Bunny Sigler – Let The Good Times Roll
Jimmy Holliday – The New Breed
Edwin Starr – War
Alvin Cash & The Crawlers – Twine Time
James Fountain – Seven Day Lover
Carla Thomas – Baby
Aretha Franklin – Chain Of Fools
Lee Dorsey – Ride Your Pony
Staple Singers – Respect Yourself
Jimmy Ruffin – What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted
Arthur Conley – Funky Street
David Ruffin – My Whole World Ended
Bobby Freeman – Come on and Swim
Curtis Mayfield – Move On Up
Marvin Gaye – Aint That Peculiar
Kim Weston – Helpless
Dee Dee Warwick – We’re Doin Fine
James Brown – I Feel Good
Jerry Butler – Moody Woman
Billy Butler – The Right Track
Supremes – Itching In My Heart
Arthur Conley – Sweet Soul Music

Petula Clark – Memories Are Made of This (

Petula Clark - Memories Are Made of This (

Views:7029|Rating:5.00|View Time:2:22Minutes|Likes:30|Dislikes:0
Petula Clark, (n. Ewell, Inglaterra, 15 de noviembre de 1932) es una cantante, actriz y compositora inglesa, mejor conocida por sus exitosas canciones en los años 1960, en especial Downtown (incluso versionada por Frank Sinatra y que forma parte de la banda sonora de la serie de JJ.Abrams “Lost”). Con más de 70 millones de discos vendidos alrededor del mundo, se ha convertido en la artista británica más prolífica, como se dice en el Libro Guinness de récords mundiales. Incurrió en el cine con películas como Dance may (1950), The Gay Dog (1954), Daggers Drawn (1964), o Never never Land (1982) entre muchas otras.
Otros de sus éxitos fueron “The little shoemaker”, y “Alone y Sailor”, canción que llegó a ser nº1 en 1960

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