Chamba | Himachal Folk Song | Jasleen Aulakh

Chamba | Himachal Folk Song | Jasleen Aulakh

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Today Here, Jasleen Aulakh is back with her take on Chamba a beautiful soulful himachali song. This is a very beautiful himachali folk song sung by jasleen aulakh it describes Chambyal (people of Chamba) enjoy the traditional folk music of their area. This consists of folk songs, dances and folklores and these are accompanied by various musical instruments. Their love for folk music is evident from their keen interest in folk music which is different from that of other regions.

There are other types of songs like bhangra songs, gidha songs, bolian, tappe, etc. also sung during festivities by punjabi’s across the world. Collectively such songs are called as ‘shagna de geet’ in the Punjabi language.

This channel is also your destination for the best Sufi Music, Folk music and Traditional music from North India and north-west India. We will present some of the best and popular music for music fans from not only the Sufi music genre but also Folk music genre, etc. You will see some new faces, young artists, upcoming talent along with seasoned and well-renowned names from the music industry.

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20 Comments to Chamba | Himachal Folk Song | Jasleen Aulakh

  1. Gaurav Rana says:

    I listen this song again and again. Your voice is beautifull.

  2. DOGRI CINEMA says:

    Traditional and original one. The song is about a girl who is a wife of Soldier in Dogra Army posted at Jammu as that time, Chamba is in Dogra Empire whose capital was Jammu.

  3. Sanjeev Thakur says:


  4. Aamir jung shahi says:

    Yes, Aulakh give this song another pitch of hight . Being Pahadi I i sincerely thanks her and to the Flutist Gurpreet ,you really did awesome job Thank you .. Kudos

  5. Abhishek Singh says:

    Love this song because of your lovely voice and sweet flute music.

  6. Abhishek Singh says:

    What did you say 'Omkar who is going to play so many different kinds of which instruments??

  7. Ravish mehra says:

    Jammu toh chamba 200km

  8. kashish kumari says:

    I am proud my himachal

  9. Shrma Ashok says: are blessed. KeepItUp. Love from Jammu .:)

  10. RAMAN GUPTA says:

    Very beautifuly sung by Jasleen..This song has a lot of folks sentiments for the people of Jammu. Very nicely captured

  11. ck pathak says:

    Himachali song in American twang and out of tune

  12. Alex Raina says:

    I'm from Rajouri

  13. Ayush Kashyap says:

    Nice but, i think it is impossible to match MOHIT CHAUHAN in this song, he sang this song super melodiously….

  14. Kanu Gupta says:

    very nice voice and song

  15. Bharat Zanvar NBPA says:

    I love this song very much…

  16. param singh says:

    Nice Song

  17. Onkar Parmar says:

    vocals not upto mark, good team especially fluitist.

  18. danger first news says:

    love from Punjab,,,,,,mai khud lahul spiti wor karda I like hp

  19. deepika Sharma says:

    मैं मेरे मेरे मायके जम्मू में है और ससुराल हिमाचल में गाना क्या बढ़िया बना है और मैं इस गाने को बार बार सुनती हूं

  20. deepika Sharma says:

    मुझे आपकी आवाज बहुत अच्छी लगती है और आपने गाना और एक्टिंग ki hai bahut acchi hai

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