Creating A Custom Lipstick At The Bite Lip Lab

Creating A Custom Lipstick At The Bite Lip Lab

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I went to the Bite Lip Lab in NYC and created a custom lipstick! AND THANK YOU ALL-STARS FOR 150K SUBSCRIBERS! U guyz make me cri

Here is the link to the Bite Lip Lab:

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20 Comments to Creating A Custom Lipstick At The Bite Lip Lab

  1. Safiya Nygaard says:

    I JUST WENT THRU AND TRIED TO UPVOTE EVERYONE. i love all of u guys so much and ur love and support makes me so freaking happy. sorry i can't reply to every single one of you, i started to try and then it got kind of wild. but even if i didn't reply i probably saw ur comment and loved it. also btw, if u like harry's first, jet set by NYX is a pretty good dupe :).

  2. Odd Bean says:

    Any one come back in 2019 and hear her say 2017 at the begging and be like woah.

  3. Sapphire 3.14159 ىʑɷɧɟ says:

    I kind of want to see you with a dark, navy blue lipstick…

  4. Marika Lambert says:

    Where is her intro

  5. Margaret Campbell says:

    Can we have the recipe for that Dothraki Screamer shade!!!! I love that color!!!

  6. Caitlyn L says:

    you are also a Harry Potter Fan!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Julia M. Sit says:

    How did she have 150k subs 2 years ago? that's 6.85 million subs in 2 years

  8. geek Squad says:

    OMG I love simply. And saf

  9. geek Squad says:

    Anyone here from 2019

  10. Luca B-D says:

    Me:Watching the video
    Brother:Walks in my room
    Saf:Put that mint in the coconut
    Minty Minty Coconut
    Brother:Walks out of my rooom

  11. thatone awkwardgirl says:

    Just kidding, its 2019 now……whaaa?

  12. Awesome Coder says:

    New York City or New York State?

  13. Cheyenne ashton says:


  14. lunawolf says:

    i LOVE the harry potter and game of thrones references and my mom actually has a cup that says i drink and i know things

  15. Cadence Bluewolf says:

    She had 100k subcribers? Wow

  16. my remedies says:

    Can u plz make a video tutorial on how to apply eye liner

  17. Presley Halverson says:

    0:16 it’s 2019 now whaaaaa

  18. Amedeo Amedeo says:

    Anyone watching in January of 2019 #extremelylatesquad but ilysm Safyia ❤

  19. Hayley Molland says:

    2019 anyone?

  20. Hannah Rogers says:

    at the intro when she said " it is 2017 now…..what???" I was like, what.. I'm in 2019!

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