Creepy old Music box – “When Memories Break”

Creepy old Music box - "When Memories Break"

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a music box thang i made using fl studio. “When memories break” Named by LPS LIVIE. Sharing your short stories is highly encouraged, I enjoy reading.
This piece is stock, keeping sound effects to a bare minimum. Adding your own effects if you choose to use is fine and encouraged. Anyone can use this song for whatever freely, please give credit.
If you’d like to read some of my short stories head on over to
Picture – Gravity Falls. – i love it’s a creepy picture

34 Comments to Creepy old Music box – “When Memories Break”

  1. NotThatJordan says:

    Welp, there goes my chance of sleeping

  2. Coca Cola 56 Microsoft says:

    Face cook

    Zucker burger

  3. Dimple_sarah Roblox says:

    This song makes me sleepy

  4. AkaneDevil says:

    m ni a
    o n ka
    mo n ik
    m o ni a
    o ika
    m n i ka
    Just Monika

  5. Asrians Dreematon says:

    December 2018 anyone? And anyone here because of Anti?
    I’m sorry I had to be that person that does the “December 2018 anyone” comment

  6. Dera The Rat says:

    Where i can Download this music?

  7. YeRbOi says:

    A nice warm Friday night every thing looking normal that day, we just got home from a restaurant at 12:00am going to sleep it was a normal day. It was fun. I woke up the next morning to here my mom making pancakes the smell of fresh apricot jam filled the air. I went downstairs, the walls were melting, my moms face as well. I told myself to wake up and I hit myself as hard as a could, I was not dreaming this was real.

    Get fricked bitches

  8. Dera The Rat says:

    In a creepy mode ,that music make me to feel calm when i Made my homeworks

  9. Dr. Ludvig says:

    He just won't stop screaming at me. I can't get him to shut up. I've tried dozens of ways of killing him. Stabbing him through the heart, shooting him several times, etc… Hell, even just plain decapitation. It doesn't work. The screaming continues. Even while I'm awake.

    Maybe he doesn't want his son to wake up.

  10. pikisgaming says:

    That picture is from Gravity falls

  11. that one weeb dude says:

    that moment when you make a spoopy story and nobody likes it/comments to it

  12. Sono chan Gaming and more! says:

    Read this while you listen.

    Koruda sensei always told me not to go into the school basement, I really wanted to go in there but Koruda Sensei would always pull me away from the basement. Once when it was clubtime and Koruda Sensei had left, I went into the basement. Everything was fine until I found a box of toys! They were broken baby dolls but I still played with them. Suddenly a black shadow appeared before me and I felt like I was being stabbed. All I heard was cackling and blood splashing everywhere.


    Ova Lejla stvarno glupa I zaljubila se u nekog Harisa ovo je ona napisala sve ono dole ljubila sebsa Amarom I dobila jedinicu iz trcanja PS. Subscribe na stubere I bracu gajica on I su najjjjboljji odmah sub na njihov kanal Lejla se zaljubila u harisa halilovica koji je iso s njom u razred


    Kiki do u love me

  15. oof boi says:

    I Am ThE oNe tHaT dEcIdEs WhO LiVeS aNd DiEs

  16. latle says:


  17. Yan Wong says:

    My scary story:

    It is nighttime, the mother was downstairs reading newspaper.
    She heard loud noises coming from upstaires, it must be her children. She went upstairs and scolded them to be quiet. They shouted and screamed more, they are crying. They shouted until they have no voices, they coughed out blood. The mother was terrified, the children use their blood to tell their mom keep screaming to stay alive. She doesn't want to. The children started weeping and were slowly dragged into the darkness, following with traces of blood. The mother was next.

  18. BloomOfDoom says:

    So I was driving down a road, an old dirt road that used to have a hotel located there. There was theorized cult activity that went on in that hotel. Room 247. It was all well and good but I had to go back home. When I turned around I saw a small baby basket with what appeared to be a shadowy puppet next to it. It turned to me and vanished. Next thing I knew I heard crying, and the name Alice being whispered.

  19. Russia says:


  20. Ben Haile says:

    I’m actually thinking of making lyrics for this song

  21. Telios Abraxas says:

    This little tune is so soothing and comforting, not creepy at all.

  22. biakanbato - Roblox and More! says:

    my memory broke cuz of thiz

  23. Kaylah Dantin says:

    I love this. It is creepy and eerie, yet alluring all the same.

  24. jade says:


  25. SAFEHSE2 says:

    i'm going to have nightmares to night thanks bad wabbitz o-o

  26. luis anims/videos says:

    They are Watching us with no eye one single sound you make they…. eat …. you they are coming for you dont go in garage alone there many of them

  27. JoeJoemac 9 says:

    Looks like gravity falls.

  28. Kayden Curtis says:

    Ever since the dawn of time we have been afraid.

    Afraid we were made.

    From fear we keep ourselves alive.

    From fear we end our suffering.

    In the end, no matter who you are where you are or what you do, there will always be fear.

    Fear follows the shadows that creep behind us.

    While madness is already in us consuming.

    We all carry madness and fear

    That is why in the dark we imagine terrible things that go bump in the night with razor sharp teeth, bodies of shadow, eternal madness flows from them.

    We wonder why?

    It is our madness

    We create the madness.
    because that is what we keep in ourselves.

    We are all insane, even though some deny it, it’s there.

    Boiling up with all your scared lies, hatred, sadness.

    all forgotten but not gone.

    When you let the fear out all the darkness will carry is madness

    And your meddled corpse
    Seemingly from a animal

    The animals you create of insanity, denied release.

  29. D. says:

    Comment readers, there's alot of scary (not really) stories in the comments.

  30. Bảo Anh Lê says:

    The Spinning Man

  31. ChrisGaming YT says:

    Scariest story ever: I went outside

  32. Aldus Dumblebumble says:

    October 24, 2018

    “How old is this place again?” “Uhh… I think it’s been abandoned for 20 years.” “Cool.” The teens approached the old subway station. The air was uneasy as they stared into the dark stairwell. Joey was 14 years old. He was born in West Virginia, and he had lived there all his life. He was a good kid. He met ron when he was seven. Joey was interested in the paranormal, and loved to explore the town. Ron was 13 years old. He was born in california. He had moved to west virginia when he was five, and he had met Joey when he was six years old. He wasn’t too excited to be there, but he wanted to be supportive of his friend’s interests.

    “Wow, this is… dark.” Ron muttered. You could hear the unease in his voice. “Yeah. That's why we brought flashlights!” Joey smiled at ron, with a look of reassurance in his eyes. Ron smiled back, but he was terrified of what they would find down there. They began to walk down the concrete steps. The air was still. They reached the bottom. The ceiling was dripping with water. The old subway train sat motionless on the track. There was a mural painted on the wall, whitch was so old you could barely tell what it was supposed to look like. There was a door to the left, and an old bench to the right.

    “Wanna go see what’s in that door?” Joey said, excitedly. “Yeah, sure, just-” “You open it!” Ron’s heart sank. “W-What? No I…” He paused for a moment. Joey interrupted.“Oh come on, you’ve always been a scaredy cat! You should face your fears!” Ron was trembling. “O-Okay…” He stammered. He walked towards the door, his footsteps echoing throughout the building. He slowly reached towards the door and flung it open. They both froze. There was a mangled corpse laying on the ground in front of them.

    The body was pale. Its mouth was sewn into a smile. Its eyes were black, almost as if they didn’t have any. Its hands had been brutally torn off. Its chest had been ripped open, with its ribcage and lungs missing. The room reeked of blood. Ron was vomiting on the floor, and Joey was about to faint. Ron called the police, and they were escorted home.

    October 26th, 2018. Joey Callard went missing.

  33. Jessica Evans says:

    May I use this for the background in one of my films? I will give you credit.

  34. minmin xoxo says:

    2018 anyone?

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