Emotional/Folk Music – Vindsvept – Light the Bonfire

Emotional/Folk Music - Vindsvept - Light the Bonfire

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So, it’s Valborgsmässoafton/Walpurgis Night and I thought I should write a tune. This song was a challenge because I made it from start to finish in just a few hours, including the picture and the video editing. It usually takes me days. It’s a bit similar to many of my other tracks for precisely that reason, I really wanted to make a song to go along with the Valborg celebration and the coming of spring but I didn’t have any time to do it. I work full time now so it’s a bit of a stretch getting material out there, I’m still trying to adapt to my new schedule and new job. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little tune for what it is, if you want to read a bit more about what I did today I have a post about it on the blog.

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47 Comments to Emotional/Folk Music – Vindsvept – Light the Bonfire

  1. mustard addict says:

    When I do a speedpaint of John Watson this will be the song that plays.

  2. Latest News Updates says:

    I am addicted to your music !!! They are just extra ordinary and awesome …

  3. Celestial Dragon says:

    May the flames guide thee

  4. Euphoria Cloudgrace says:

    This song is sweet. Your songs help my imagination. When I listen to this song, it makes me imagine a man who was an only survivor in a long faught war. As he rides home, he weeps for his fallen bretheren and also cries tears of joy at the privelage that he gets to return home to his wife and children. He is reunited with his family and his wife puts his hand on her belly, giving the sigh that there is a new life on the way. So Vindsvept, thank you for your music.

  5. Artz says:


  6. Piit A says:

    ar just a god! thanks for this channel and this music! <3

  7. angel chen says:

    so magical, so beautiful!

  8. Kyle The Crusader says:

    "Vindsvept"… Sounds like how a German would say "Windswept".

  9. Scorpio Poisonousclaws says:

    nice music, i love to listen this song when im alone

  10. FairyLicious says:

    how do you make your background, they're always so interesting to look at.

  11. Paperflower says:

    She danced all fairy like as she sat in the grass to gaze upon the little twinkles in the sky.
    She feels courageous, adventurous and brave.
    "i wish to ride a star" she whispered.
    "i want to close my eyes and disappear into the stars"

  12. Mariko Reyes says:

    i haven't been catching up with your videos lately. and seeing that you've added more music to your playlist, it made me very happy. your music is the inspiration to the stories i write, the emotional scenes i imagine in my head, and the tunes i fall asleep to so i can have my own adventure in my dreams. i truly love your music and i have more than half downloaded. i love you!

  13. SydDrawsStuff says:

    The beacons are lit. Gondor calls for aid

  14. Ravenclaw Seer says:

    Perfect for a real bonfire at Beltane!

  15. Katie Johanna says:

    Dear Vin,
    On behalf of my friends and my family, I would like to thank you for the musical composition that gave me the inspiration to write a novel that is still a work in progress. I will not reveal the name of my novel, until it has been published, only know that you kept me going.
    Katie J

  16. Brandon Jenner says:

    Wow this is very good man, good job.

  17. ploopers1 #lol says:

    this guy's music should be in every freerom video game

  18. kawaii hitler says:

    for something made in a few hours together with editing and all that this tune is astonishing. plus it's one of my favourites tbh. nice job man

  19. Ceyhun says:

    Just Relaxing…

  20. gang gang says:

    fucking dopr

  21. Euphytose says:

    I'm wondering, is it pronounced Vindsvept as it's written, or Windswept?

  22. Peter Gundry | Composer says:

    Beautiful work man, love your style!! Can i ask how you made your logo? Your videos are so well presented with amazing music accompanying it

  23. William R. Frady says:

    There's a peace to this tune that goes beyond just being easy to listen to. It sets your soul free to wander on the wings of a waking dream to visit worlds far away, lands uncharted, and to sights only seen in the dreamer's eye. There are tales once told, and legends yet to unfold swirling in the mists of time, each visiting us like the spirits of the past, present and future at once. One can ponder eternity in its gentle embrace; yes, it is a magical piece for a magical night. Simply amazing. 🙂

  24. Sinitar Gaming says:

    Just wanted to say that I'm really upset that I haven't found your tracks 1-2 years ago. Your music is really awesome and inspiring! I can listen to your tracks hours away.

    Keep up the great work and thanks for your creation!

  25. Fat_Al's Gaming says:

    Another Great Song By Sir Vindsvept!!

  26. Kataroo says:

    Vindsvept, wait so no longer free download ?

  27. Rosefinity says:

    Hi mate, what are the requirements that need to be met if I want to use your music for my youtube channel?

    I will credit your music by providing a link to your content.
    I have read: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

    But I am just asking to be sure 🙂

    Beautiful music, this is a gold mine of creativity and originality, true inspiration.
    Thank you for creating such beauty

    Stay Great 😉

  28. Tsurugi Kyouske says:

    Great song, keep it up 🙂 I hope all your music is used in an RPG game or an anime. Cuz its super relatable to all these genres of media. One day, one day. Keep going dude

  29. Phil Borgen says:

    Ever thought about making music for games? I think your music could create a really nice atmosphere 🙂 Then again, it might not be too easy to find the opportunity to do so :/

  30. Excalibur Scythe says:

    Another great piece! ^^

  31. ShadowGamingReviews says:

    So beautiful..

  32. Q. Uak says:

    Wich language do you speak?

  33. Andy Hui says:

    I can tell you put a lot of soul into this 😉

  34. Diogo Cerqueira says:

    Goin' all Dark Souls here

    Hollow; Light the bonfire…

    I like it

  35. Sheila Coe says:

    Thank you for making a bandcamp account!

  36. Naoмι Haygιrl says:

    This is very nice.
    Is your music copyrighted? If so, can I use it in my videos? My videos or only for entertainment purposes only.

  37. epicsnail14 says:

    vindsvept back with more music i can listen to while gaming, well met good sir

  38. lee sasuki says:

    shouldnt the song be inspire? u know i would be very happy when i light the bonfire with 20k souls

  39. Fac U mean says:

    I dont know who could let a dislike on this.. Its great!

  40. Zalfar says:

    Could you post a link for a download of the after effects file for the background without the text please =D? I want to use it as a desktop background, but don't want text on it.

  41. Hans, get ze Flammenwerfer! says:

    Holy flying pigs on a biscuit, another masterpiece! Way to go, Vindsvept!

  42. Chris W says:

    Is there anyway I could get access to the photo used in the background? It is gorgeous and I would love to use it as an wallpaper! 🙂

  43. Chat says:

    You're songs are so wonderful… you're so so so talented !

  44. Player Slot Available says:

    Hmm. Somewhat reminds me of the song Harmony from Runescape.

  45. CosmicChronos says:

    Great Music! Always inspiring and impressive. Keep up the good work!
    Glad Första Maj!

  46. YouMustConstructAdditionalPylons says:


  47. Izzy Marizee Music says:

    Love the percussion in this!

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