Faron Taylor – BLUE EYED SOUL (1967)

Faron Taylor - BLUE EYED SOUL  (1967)

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NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED – (Columbia 44428) The last of four singles issued by Miss Taylor on the Columbia label. An accomplished jazz vocalist for 10 years prior to the release of this Spectorian release, Faron Taylor had also recorded several tracks for Debut Records in 1957 which were not issued. ‘Blue Eyed Soul’, a composition by Al Kasha & Joel Hirschhorn, was no doubt a nod to the music styling of the Righteous Brothers. Recorded in December 1967 at Columbia’s 30th Street Studio, a converted cavernous church, the track was brilliantly produced and arranged by Charles Calello. This disc as did Miss Taylor’s previous Columbia discs, tanked. Really unfortunate since it most certainly is a classy, soulful production that deserved a better fate.

2 Comments to Faron Taylor – BLUE EYED SOUL (1967)

  1. roughtake says:

    WOW a a real Gem thank you Anthony

  2. Jane Barton says:

    Yes shame they 'tanked' would have liked to hear more,but could only find 'blue eyed soul' to listen to

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