Flame N King & The Bold Ones – Ain’t Nobody Jivein’ ( Get up Get Down ) – N.Y.C.S. : DK 10 (45s)

Flame N King & The Bold Ones - Ain't Nobody Jivein' ( Get up Get Down ) - N.Y.C.S. : DK 10 (45s)

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By 1978 Oscar Richardson Jr., aka Flame N’ King was a veteran of the New York Soul scene releasing at least 4 45’s in the 60’s. All now wanted discs aimed at the Harlem dance scene. All powerful blends of R&B/Funk and Soul, Flame N’ started to enjoy local success. So it was no surprise that after a quiet time during the early 70’s he eventually came up with a recording for the burgeoning New York disco explosion.

“Ain’t Nobody Jivein’ ( Get up Get Down )” was aimed at the burgeoning club scene, carrying almost every Disco/Funk cliche. Which was great for New York, even better for France. But a shade too funky for the Northern soul scene. But the flipside was perfect for the British rare-soul scene. Manchster’s Ritz / Blackpool Mecca had early carved the way for solid wah-wah driven dance tunes.

But this one had something extra. The lengthy honkin’ horn intro, was met by a hulk of a vocal; Oscar Richardson boomed out the uplifting lyrics and it was an instant Northern Soul hit. But I rember all too well that this 12 month old release, was a low run and was unavailable almost immediately to British dealers and the demand rocketed. So much so it received a UK release through RCA on the GrAPEVINE LAEL.

Here’s a listing for those collectors / DJ’s who prefer to see first press original revolve on their turntables..

Both sides are solid dance tunes, one a Northern Soul classic the other a Soul/Funk/Disco giant.
Condition Report
NOTE there is a brief minuscule sizzlin’ on the A-side lead in NOT affecting the start of play. Listen to the soundfile provided. Flipside plays flawless throughout.


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Flame N King & The Bold Ones – Ain’t Nobody Jivein’ ( Get up Get Down ) – N.Y.C.S. : DK 10 (45s)

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