Fortnite Old Music Remix – Summer Skirmish

Fortnite Old Music Remix - Summer Skirmish

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The old Fortnite music was remixed and played on the live stream, hinting at a possible return? I think so maybe it will happen on Fortnite Battle Royale’s first birthday.Got it from the Summer Skirmish Live Stream.



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19 Comments to Fortnite Old Music Remix – Summer Skirmish

  1. Nova says:

    I think it will return on the 1 year anniversary of Fortnite Battle Royale.

  2. NickW275 says:


  3. Gamer1shot says:

    This came out

  4. Martin Inostroza says:

    Que vuelva

  5. iProHaZ says:

    I would bush camp at the time.

  6. Seb 2008 says:

    Epic whyyyyyyyy you change it

  7. THIS FREAKEN GUY Snackenberg says:

    This is godly I want this music in fortnite

  8. tripexz says:

    4 dislikes? hmm should be higher than the amount of likes atm bc I hate the old music bro in my opinions why waste money on a free game

  9. ÆrtiX Studio says:

    I really hope that on the one year anniversary they bring an og mode with only season 1 weapons, graphics, sounds and map.

  10. Yup lol says:

    They can't just drop this on us and not bring it back soon

  11. Jukez4dayz says:

    I remember this music wayyy back in January

  12. HentaiChanv2 says:

    ahh pubg is better

  13. Zombiekidxx X says:

    It might return on season 6 or December chill guys

  14. *-XxMihalycYTxX-* says:


    When Fortnite Battle Royale will have the brithday fortnite will be not season 5 it will be season 1 for a day with a no battle pass, frist ever item shop, menu, map.


  15. Christian Vo says:

    Who else heard the timed trails music

  16. Revilo says:

    Hopefully in season 6

  17. Super Bradley says:

    That beat at 0:40

  18. Cruzade Musik says:

    Epic said they listen to the community. Wont bring back double shotgun (why i stopped playing) and (hopefully soon) old season 2 lobby theme.

  19. Ismail_ 786 says:

    3:20 GODLY!❤❤

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