Found Vintage Camera Lost in River while Diving for Valuables!

Found Vintage Camera Lost in River while Diving for Valuables!

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Found Vintage Minolta Camera lost in river while scuba diving. 📸

What’s our next river treasure hunting adventure going to find when we go scuba diving underwater in the lakes, rivers, and waterfalls here in Oregon?

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On this episode of Adventures with Purpose, I jump into the freezing Deschutes River in the middle of winter here in Central Oregon for another underwater treasure hunting adventure.

I found a vintage Minolta camera lost in the river and wonder how many years it’s been down there.

The river water was freezing at 37-degrees… 🥶

I also found the run of the mill bottles and cans, along with a bic lighter, a tire, golf balls, with some odd looking computer underwater in the river.

Ready to join us on our next treasure adventure?

Just hit us up next time you’re in town and want to treasure hunt.

We never get tired of underwater treasure hunting.

We have personally pulled 5500+ pounds of garbage out of the lakes and rivers. … 〽️🙌🏼

At the end of the day, we feel amazing about our efforts in all the garbage we take out of the lakes and rivers in our measly little attempt to help save the planet, the fish, and the animals. 🐟

Who wants to see me do a collaboration with DALLMYD and Jiggin with Jordon? Help me out by telling them we need to collab!! 😁

Honestly, I don’t think they could handle the water temps I’ve got up there, so it sounds like I’d have to travel to them. 😂🤣

Check them out here…


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7 Comments to Found Vintage Camera Lost in River while Diving for Valuables!

  1. kashilembo wabu says:

    this seem fun but im always scared , you never know there might be some aliens under sea

  2. sam maynard says:

    Your work rate is ridiculous ! Thought the camera was going to be a GoPro. Was there film in it ?

  3. Gameknight74 says:

    You put your computer on it and it cools it

  4. Northwest Open Season says:

    That bug was a stone fly larvae, popular pattern for fly fisherman.

  5. PNW Ghost Talk says:


  6. Gameknight74 says:

    Heading to airsoft now with my bud and just saying hi to everyone that is a speedsofter

  7. Gameknight74 says:


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