Give Me a Home Among the Gumtrees by Bob Brown co writer/original singer of this famous song

Give Me a Home Among the Gumtrees by Bob Brown co writer/original singer of this famous song

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From Bob Brown’s Interactive White Board Song Book

Bob Brown is the co writer and original singer of the famous Australian song “Give Me a Home Among the Gumtrees,” who has had many of his humorous songs appear in the ABC Sing music song books. As a school teacher and children’s entertainer Bob is aware of the great benefits music, especially singing, plays in the development of young students. In this unique selection of 10 of his songs, Bob provides a teacher friendly interactive white board presentation combining his vocal and musical arrangements, accompanied by easy to read lyrics, a great asset in themselves to any reading program. Bob’s songs have long been favourites of primary age children all over Australia. Teachers and students alike will love the songs and the enjoyment and educational experience they bring to the classroom.

Bob Brown (aka) Captain Rock originally recorded the song on his ‘Buried Treasure’ album in 1975. It was later recorded by numerous artists, most famously by ‘Bullamakanka’ and John Williamson.

It has since become one of the most recorded Australian songs of all time. Its popularity grew enormously when Don Burke used a cover of the song as the theme to his highly rated National TV program Burkes Backyard.

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33 Comments to Give Me a Home Among the Gumtrees by Bob Brown co writer/original singer of this famous song

  1. Charles Verguizas says:


  2. debsdeane1 says:

    Love it I'm a Ase

  3. Eclipse Official says:

    Damm those people who disliked this is a classic. It’s one of the best songs out there

  4. adrianrulez says:

    straya is the best mate

  5. Hani says:

    I was listening to this on the way from Sydney to Adelaide

  6. Nagging Crane says:

    I’m a proud American, but I love this song.

  7. melxer says:


  8. princessparrots says:

    Is it weird that this song actually explains how I want to live(just without the sheep)????

  9. SmithsChips says:

    why did i come across this all of a sudden

  10. Sebastian Spark says:

    i heard this in school because i done this for the concert when i was in 2nd grade

  11. Mathew Wilcock says:

    I'm go.n to get this as a sticker on my car .I love singing this when I was a little tacker .some 35 years ago lol

  12. Wasteful says:

    its 2018 and one of my teachers in school sing this song to the whole class! 😉

  13. Julian Bintulan says:

    Ahhhhh the nostalgia



  15. maxwell blandindechalain says:

    I’m proud to say I’ve meet this Aussie legend

  16. familyfor ever says:


  17. Starstruck Films says:

    give me a home among the plumtrees with lots of gumtrees a kangaroo a sheep or two.A clothes line out the front, verandah out the back and a new rocking chair.

    Tell me youve heard that?

  18. John Loudrick says:

    I really like this song because at my school we singed it.

  19. Eliza Morley says:

    you know your Aussie when your pissed off your face around a Bunnings table and chair set singing this song

  20. The Jurassic Kids says:

    I sang that song at music at school

  21. MusaMansa21 says:

    This so american yet australia and lets hope this is big in eustralia already big in aurope

  22. White Lazer says:

    to all my aussie mates have a good bloody day

  23. simon mckenzie says:

    Steve irwin allover rip

  24. ppsr says:

    When I was 10 years. The Australian teachers came to Thailand for teach English and they taught us to sing this song. I miss them so much. They were very nice to Thai students.

  25. Jayden Phan says:

    This is my song sometimes on

  26. Mia Lee says:

    When it said WITH LOTS OF PLUM TREES (in music at school) I said WITH LOTS OF BUM TREES

  27. Xiaowei Wang says:


  28. Xiaowei Wang says:

    cool song

  29. Dirtbiker Life says:

    I went to a school camp and some of the teachers didn't know this song

  30. 01crowey says:

    Ghsvx(# dgsuvxhsbsyhqvsusvxfsnc6sfyshc ghavxys scxshiddbxysbsud6sbddv
    Vsgsbshdhau sysusgsusvd6sbbddhdhdvd
    Jdcidnisbsisdbicd cgiddbfgjd

  31. Dirtbiker Life says:

    This is the best song

  32. Naema Hassan says:

    we are learning this song at school

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