28 Comments to Harmony (Old Music)

  1. TheCulturalBomb says:

    Jagex killed RuneScape. They kept it shackled and underdeveloped it while sabataging it with poor features and removal of certain beloved things, while other similar games and the further rise of console gaming finished it as we knew it. I think they should have crossed to consoles with a fresh new take on the game, trying to have a stake in both PC and console markets.

  2. Jacorlo says:

    One day people will be able to either relive memories or go back in time. And many of us will surely relive RuneScape's glory days!

    See you then! Or seen you then?

  3. Yui Lala Hmm says:

    Bank sale, no noobs!

  4. Paula Scott says:

    If you’re ever on a really bad acid trip this is a great song for medication

  5. Livi Sydney says:

    havent played in 12 years…i still remember my username but forgot the password ! 🙁 these were the good memories !.. listening to the music and being so adventurist…loved playing this game… fight the guards for no reason and back in the days i was playing rune amour with gold trim was like the best … lols !.. i really want to play again

  6. Mateusz Tomczak says:

    Some pathetic Tekken player brings me here XD

  7. hkk kkiu says:

    Killing cows for cowhides and walking to Al-Kharid to bank them

  8. Jesse Nelson says:

    I remember when I first became a member on Runescape. Holy shit, the joy.

  9. Richard Valentine says:

    looking for bread

  10. Reid Samuelson says:

    Does anyone else log into their RS accounts just to see to get an idea of what you were doing before logging off forever?

  11. EXO and GOT7 outdid everything says:

    I missed this song so much…

  12. locksh says:

    The nostalgy is so strong it practically feels like memories from another life. Why do I keep doing this to myself

  13. Rokūro Rangetsu says:

    Runescape had the best community of players ;(

  14. River O. says:

    Drop party!!!

  15. Rscamman99 says:

    I remember wondering around made it too lesser demons with my bank and got dropped so quick lol

  16. eyeclubseals says:

    A q p
    | |

  17. Tuohreiv says:

    Reporting sick from school, then play Rune Scape the whole day. 🙂

  18. BlameCo says:

    Sounds better with wood chopping SFX.

  19. Random Person who is unnamed says:

    I want to but I dont want to play old runescape because I feel like it will ruin the memories

  20. JustClareAgain says:

    this takes me WAY BACK, wow

  21. PriXz123 says:

    oh man, the feels

  22. Jack Long says:

    legit made me cry, sounds silly as fuck, but these were such good memories.

  23. TheDMBfan says:

    Hands down my favourite piece of Runescape music

  24. OgahzLoL says:

    OSRS crew checking in.

  25. dp24014 says:

    I'll just try to close my eyes now and imagine I'm in, long gone, better days

  26. Drum My Base says:

    A moment of silence for who logged off forever.

  27. Hemuli says:

    "Oh dear! You are dead!"

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