[HD] Linda Carr Vocal Range (D3 – G#7)

[HD] Linda Carr Vocal Range (D3 - G#7)

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Linda Carr is an American pop-soul singer. Before going solo, she was a backing singer for James Brown.
Her voice is a rare gem that got success in the middle 70’s.

Voice Type: Soprano

Lowest Note: D3 (Highwire)
Highest Chest Note: G5 (Discover Me and You)
Highest Head Note: D6 (I’m in Love With The Garbage Man)
Highest Whistle Note: G#7 (Highwire)

2 Comments to [HD] Linda Carr Vocal Range (D3 – G#7)

  1. ocandro says:

    Very weak voice throughout the range, lows are nonexistent, belts nasal, childlike and throaty, a lot high notes were exclamations, so they shouldn't really count. I really liked the snippets of some songs though and at times she sounds tiny bit like Amber Riley and Solange when they were younger.

  2. Larissa Nascimento says:

    Caramba,que whistles poderosos!

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