10 Comments to HKDL Space Mountain with Old Music

  1. SiLvEr BuLlEt 9000 says:

    It’s sounds more like surf then space

  2. giantsean says:

    Wow this is actually an electrified version of Saint-Saens' "Aquarium"

  3. The Dinner King says:

    this song was way better than the new one.
    well i live in germany, but if i'll ever ride Space Mountain in california i will play this song on my mp3 player xD

  4. Lee Maxwell says:

    you can buy it on one of the Disneyland soundtracks the only problem is I cant remember which one it was sorry. 🙁

  5. Lee Maxwell says:

    yes it is out now it is called Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy and it's very impressive but sadly this music is not what you hear but a new really creepy sound track is played

  6. Lee Maxwell says:

    no I'm not confused I get were you are saying at HKDl did open in 2005 but I couldn't find a good video of the old one in Cali so I put the old music for Cali into the HKDL one ^_^

  7. Lee Maxwell says:

    Yes it was it was added in 1999 I believe and stayed until 2004

  8. Lee Maxwell says:

    you can get it on the Disneyland 50th annversary CD

  9. Jonny Watts says:

    Can I have the lights on video?

  10. Madison K says:


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