27 Comments to In the Pits (Old Music)

  1. Eravaash says:

    June 1st, 2017 everyone.

    You all better be ready 😉

  2. benchod says:

    turn up

  3. champ0925 says:

    ancients on you bitches lol

  4. snail24 says:

    THE FEEEEEEEEEEELS I CANT EVEN. Geez I played this in elementary and now im in college. Where the fuck did time even go. 

  5. TommyHUN says:

    I used to love when they did the special login screens for the skills. I even have the old website's special hunter themed background downloaded!! 😀

  6. Jason Chen says:

    I remember the Karamja volcano Christmas event. When I saw it was snowing in Karamja I totally thought it was coolest thing ever, lol!

  7. PortCottonWood says:

    I remember how I almost died attacking the Tzhaar when I was like level 50, they scared the shit outta me!

  8. The Offline Raider says:

    You forget bot 3. BUY GOLD AT OUR STUPID WEBSITE!

  9. Ocelllian2 says:

    And Construction. And Summoning.

  10. Anil Ozdemir says:

    So True.

  11. dirjj says:


  12. FrossaProductions says:

    Same 😛
    I only use small variations of my old RS password with an added 0 at some services that require a number in the password.

  13. lol loooooooool says:

    I got my password from this login screen.. still use it to this day.

    pillars2 ROFL

  14. Kusa says:

    god i remember the days of being a noob….always selling ashes and bones to random people and making probably only 10k per day but now new runescape is shit let me show you an example of people say logging

    Player1: Hey dude brb i gotta bank my logs
    Player2: Kk


  15. Dash Mate says:

    2006scape(dot)com first testing stage out today 😀

  16. Cian Watford says:


  17. UberBeast100 says:

    all up until the fucking g e it was fine

  18. Megative says:

    I still can remember those times, when I killed Tzhaar's with range and halberds and that awesome feeling when I got Obsidian cape.

  19. enticingmuffin says:

    2003 rs was fine

  20. Maurits says:

    It's runeREwind.;)

  21. guyople says:

    Yeah it's a sight to see.

  22. xixkieranxix says:

    I remember the days when obby shields were 800k, now they are 30k lmfao…

  23. TheOblivionVideos says:

    Get anything good?

  24. FireFtw says:

    @bleachfan282 Here you go 🙂 mediafire . com/?ivptsgll1frt9dy

  25. bleachfan282 says:

    @waterdragon1908 sure that sounds great

  26. FireFtw says:

    @bleachfan282 I got an archive of all the old songs if you want them 😛

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