Italian Music Instrumental: Traditional Music From Italy – Folk

Italian Music Instrumental: Traditional Music From Italy - Folk

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Italian music instrumental – Traditional music from Italy. BEST OF WORLD MUSIC ►

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34 Comments to Italian Music Instrumental: Traditional Music From Italy – Folk

  1. Brix Sumaoang says:

    Philippine folk music is the same as yours. We call this instrumental music as "rondalla" and opera songs as "kundiman".
    Mabuhay Italia!

  2. Robert Kurzawa says:


  3. Olga Krunic says:


  4. Jeevan Raj says:

    Hi. What would the 1st song's instrument be? The sound of it is so soothing gives out that tickles to your brain.

  5. VIP Phone Shop says:

    Saya suka musik italia. Salam dari indonesia

  6. Welat Yildirim says:

    43:15 which song ?

  7. michael king says:

    Q ,

  8. Louis Audy97 says:

    in the best

  9. Nguyen Nguyen says:

    Tuscany folk. Thank you .I love these.

  10. Dellen says:

    Mi sento nostalgico sentire questo,
    che bella canzone

  11. Rahal hassan says:

    italia ❤ big love from marocco hope one day my dream to visit italy come true

  12. emine buğsel Yaprakli says:

    8:40 song?

  13. Shayla Bellard says:

    I smell pizza…

  14. Germany says:

    Say whatever you say my music is better anyways

  15. ilda koyakovic says:

    Ilda koyakovic :
    I been so many times in this beautiful and religious Country i adore the tradition,food,music and its happy people!

  16. Alchemist says:

    Love from Cyprus!

  17. John Martinez says:


  18. Diana Doos says:

    This is so beautiful. It takes me where I want to be

  19. Markus Gräfe says:

    glück und klee auf see

  20. Nagisa Hatzuki says:

    as an italian i can tell this is not what we play in italy

  21. Mongoloid66 says:

    Pizza ma che ecche barilla panzani romulus ave maria

  22. Zharut Jongsatitpaiboon says:

    I love Italy. From Thailand:)

  23. Lina The Deer Wolf says:

    I went to italy..

  24. maria papa says:

    I'm MILANESE what is this.. ahahahahah

  25. Bagus Zidni Ilman Nafi says:

    What a nice song. Thank you for uploading thing great song. Sending virtual hug from Indonesia.

  26. Jason Fan Club says:

    Mamma Mia!

  27. Selena Martinez says:

    I love Italian music!

  28. Chan KH Raymond says:

    Italian food, drink, music, opera, craftmanship are all I love.

  29. emo fish from spongebob says:

    im just listening to random traditional music from other countries

  30. Eskarleth Solis Oliva says:

    Whats the name of the first song?

  31. Happy New Year! says:

    Italian musical is Perfecto

  32. Nie powiem kto says:

    Pizza time

  33. Jacob Heldt says:

    – Where can i buy this album ?

  34. Blackreti says:

    I'm just listening to this while I read Vento Aureo

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