Johnny Cash – Hurt

Johnny Cash - Hurt

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Machuquei a mim mesmo hoje
Pra ver se eu ainda sinto
Eu focalizo a dor
É a única coisa real

A agulha abre um buraco
A velha picada familiar
Tento matá-la de todos os jeitos
Mas eu me lembro de tudo

O que eu me tornei?
Meu doce amigo
Todos que eu conheço vão embora
No final

E você poderia ter tudo isso
Meu império de sujeira

Eu vou deixar você pra baixo
Eu vou fazer você sofrer

Eu uso essa coroa de espinhos
Sentando no meu trono de mentiras
Cheio de pensamentos quebrados
Que eu não posso consertar

Debaixo das manchas do tempo
Os sentimentos desaparecem
Voce é outro alguém
Eu ainda estou bem aqui

O que eu me tornei?
Meu doce amigo
Todos que eu conheço vão embora
No final

E você poderia ter tudo isso
Meu império de sujeira

Eu vou deixar você pra baixo
Eu vou fazer você sofrer

Se eu pudesse começar de novo
A milhões de milhas daqui
Eu poderia me encontrar
Eu poderia achar um caminho

45 Comments to Johnny Cash – Hurt

  1. Ro Thang says:

    Wtf I feel so depressed

  2. Ian Hancock says:

    reported for thievery

  3. Lane's World says:

    Spider-Man for the ps4's ending is somewhat disappointing.

  4. Myra Nesbitt says:

    Always loved his song & always will. I was raised up with John Cash songs. RIP John. Love you & miss you dearly. John songs never get old.

  5. bonaire21 says:

    The originally song by Trent Reznor had a broken, distortioned beauty already but Johnny Cash turned this song into an everlasting masterpiece

  6. Enrique Urincho says:

    now I can see why Trent Reznor said that as soon as he heard Johnny sing this song, the song was no longer his. Very sad and heart wrenching cover…wow.

  7. Will Laurie says:

    Damn this a broken hearted man full of self hate forget the lyrics you can hear it in his voice

  8. CA787 says:

    Love NIN's version and Johnny Cash's cover. I feel this is more emotional than the original. This brings me to tears

  9. agent wolfy123 says:

    R I P Legend and a great guy we miss you. This song gives shivers down my spine

  10. Laura English says:

    The only cover I ever enjoyed more than the original

  11. Lavinia Varcity says:

    This is one of those songs you listen to thats an experience. Its not a song that you listen to in order to pass time on the way to work or a song to do dishes to. You sit back and live this song. Its a masterpiece that deserves tears and adoration.

  12. SMD Productions says:

    I'm trying not to cry I have put my emotions away for too long I'm scared to feel emotions.

  13. markdoubleabrown says:

    I feel you're pain man. I wear my crowns of thrown. Upon my liars chair full of broken thoughts I cannot repair. Youre not alone. Rest in peace. Rest in peace

  14. LeniusEDM says:

    this man died too soon god bless him

  15. shinya2104 says:

    this song brings this grown man to tears. The words tell you just how sorry he is for hurting those he loved in his life.

  16. bird life says:


  17. James Penston says:

    I hope you are resting with Christ, in eternal peace, the honesty of this song smashes into me, it's beauty is it's honesty


    Welcome to 2019 johnny

  19. SquawkImABird says:

    The name itself is pretty legendary
    I dont really know the guy, but when i watched a movie about him like 5 years ( idk if theres 1 or more ) i kinda stuck, but never got into.

  20. Bones Malone says:

    You know you have truly made a song your own when your cover has over double the views of the original.

  21. saintcharlezful says:

    So Roberto…. How the fuck did u get this on your channel? I know u were never involved. You stole this video lol

  22. Kerry Jones says:

    who voted this down will get theres in the next life

  23. sleepy style says:

    Doesn't matter what year, the "Man in Black" will always go the distance.

  24. Jjjj Rrrr says:

    the original version by 9inch nail is good also

  25. Steve Daly says:

    This song reminds me of a decade or two fighting poly assorted narcs addiction, a train journey through the light and th


    D, A > r K

    Gbjcas H

  26. Jessie Mccartney says:

    You will find each other again, You know she never left. They seeing is believing. I say believing is seeing. While we mourn our musical idols remember in some traditions they are re born

  27. Mauro Icardi says:

    Miss you Arthur Morgan..

  28. 86sith says:

    Fuck I remember listening to this while going through chemo treatment. All those who I thought were my friends.. withered away … I'm still right here …

  29. Reuben TheGreat says:

    how do you like a video twice

  30. Andrew Maxwell says:

    Rip Arthur Morgan

  31. Johnny Football says:

    That scene with June kills me every time.

  32. Jay Dee says:

    So many people stoled this song re made it in there lirics

  33. jacob bandel says:

    Been three years since i last heard this song and it was the least time my heart was shattered. Glad to see it hear when i need it most.

  34. Northern Minnesota says:

    Want this song For my Funeral

  35. Yuki Havoc says:

    Supernatural, anyone?

  36. Joe Greenhart says:

    u'r One with your loved one dear J C …. spirits like yours will find eachother…i mean they never left eachother anyway 🙂

  37. ayr1225 says:

    “If I could start again a million miles away. I could keep myself.”

  38. Robert Creighton says:

    I stumbled across this I don't know much about Johnny cash yet this song is brilliant. It says in easy to understand lyrics how I feel. I've been sectioned multiple times for self harm and shit. I don't know if cash suffered a mental illness but he pretty much sums it up. This song is a great comfort to me .

  39. Tyler Mcknights Gaming Channel says:

    I miss my dad I dont get to see him as much as before…

  40. Steven Barlow says:

    This song should inspire us all to care deeply and intentionally for those in our lives that matter. If you know anyone that has an addiction problem get them help now. Don't take know for an answer. Far too many lives have been lost to a senseless drug habit.

  41. KreigsMarine2 says:

    Damn, even in his old age ,Johnny Cash nailed this song!!

  42. Victor Quiros says:

    This from song of Logan

  43. Kristoffor Lowe says:

    Great Man. Total boss

  44. christian williams says:

    I will always love you Johnny you have been one of the biggest impacts of my life

  45. abdalminator says:

    this and How to Save a Life, my two favourite depressing song

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