12 Comments to Johnny Mathis – You Raise Me Up

  1. ThisIsUs Products says:


  2. janel gadomski says:

    You have great imagination !

  3. john philip says:

    I felt that i am with him Mr. Johnny Mathis while singing this song, youre the one

  4. Grace Creager says:

    love this album

  5. Mary Hall says:

    Johnny beautiful music. your MoM and DaD would love this new Album. Thanks Mary Ellen

  6. Matilda Martin says:

    So beautifully sung Fabulous he's talented and handsome and gorgeous and just magical Mr Johnny Mathis

  7. Marilyn Hudson says:

    Thank you, Mr. Johnny Mathis!!.. Your songs starting comforting me, at the tender age of 8. And they still have the same effect on me 61yrs later.. God Bless You.~~

  8. Anita Schon says:

    Thank you, TheRJRofFl, very good presentation, I love Johnny Mathis.

  9. Anita Schon says:

    I love this video, thank you, Bob.  We loved Johnny when he was young, we love him now and we will love him forever.  A tribute to John "THE VERY THOUGHT OF YOU" will soon be distributed after October 28, after he receive his own copy.

  10. Mary Hall says:

    Johnny wonderful songs you have chosen for the Album Beautiful pic of Parents They are looking down I am sure and very proud

  11. Joyce Spark says:

    This is the best video that I have seen of John on YouTube. Thank you for the memory in pictures especially the last one with John's parents.

  12. Mmagic37 says:

    Bob…that was just wonderful…thank you xxx

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