Konis Hupen

Konis Hupen

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“Konis Hupen” – Koni playing bicycle horns…. great fun. words and music: Horst Konrader, Austria, www.konis-hupen.at

“KONIS HUPEN” – REMIX als Download:

Here is the English translation (thank you to a friend)
With konis bicycle horns, humor is guaranteed, because show and fun is imprtant for us.
And konis horns, that knows every kid, sounds always there, where friends are.

28 Comments to Konis Hupen

  1. João Rosa says:

    Enfia a. Buzina. No. Seu. Cu nazista

  2. Flippaskip Skipparooni says:

    These guys once took over Europe and slaughtered an entire ethnic group.

  3. Bjørn Bjørnsson says:


  4. cihan gabler says:

    1:25 best dance ever

  5. Thyrox. says:

    Austria: shitposting since 2009

  6. Franzi Harth says:


  7. Danny Ocampo says:

    Its freaken 2019! And i still love this ** 10 years later!

  8. Chadwicked B says:

    Gnomes of der 4th Reich!.

  9. valdecir batista says:

    isso nao e pra quem quer ssim pra quem pode

  10. I'm watching you sleep says:

    Put this guy on the front lines and you'll never lose to Russia again.

  11. Zero Walker says:

    Austria and German is well special I mean this is as funny as Die Woodys – Fichtl's Lied.

  12. Jesús A. Alfonzo B. says:

    i´m very happy for them

  13. Juan Ignacio Borda says:

    you dig and dig… and then you find a jewell

  14. Laura Blunk says:

    I want this guy to play at my funeral.

  15. James McEvoy says:

    The bassist looks like he thinks this is a joke that's gone too far, like: "oh god, we're doing this in front of cameras now? it was fine when we did this for laughs in my basement to annoy our wives but I don't want anyone else to see this"

  16. iTs DarKMatH says:


  17. Pantoufle says:

    When the Anschluss hits

  18. Vault_Dweller Boi says:

    Truly a masterpiece!

  19. Euro Truck Simulator Watrin says:

    Kkr dik

  20. Marion Kiekens says:

    ythkids rerally put the toete rin de la

  21. Rafael Smaniotto says:

    Esse vai pro zap

  22. Pava L'originale says:


  23. Per Börjel says:

    The ultimate proof of European culture's superiority!

  24. ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ says:

    whore ballon know song

  25. Aapo S. says:


    Is this the right room?


    Okay bye

  26. Pixel unity 2 says:

    This is a masterpiece

  27. Unknown Entity says:

    not as much money as switzerland, but ok

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