LEX-TV: Evolution De L’Homme Matin by Parfums Vintage (2018) – REVIEW

LEX-TV: Evolution De L'Homme Matin by Parfums Vintage (2018) - REVIEW

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LEX-TV: Evolution De L’Homme Matin by Parfums Vintage (2018) – REVIEW

My take on another excellent release by the house of Parfums Vintage!

Evolution De L’Homme Matin! is it any good? well watch and find out, son!…or skip to the RATINGS at the end of the video if you’re in a hurry.

11 Comments to LEX-TV: Evolution De L’Homme Matin by Parfums Vintage (2018) – REVIEW

  1. DC says:

    Merry Christmas Lex. Fuck you very much.

  2. Nerdy Scotsman says:

    Head looks like a fucking tick tack that's about to burst

  3. GluedTechDude says:

    With all the hundreds of free bottles PV sends to reviewers, you think they would have enough cash to offer an alternative CC processing system other than Paypal. But no, they love the high Paypal fees like a gay man taking the D in prison. It's no wonder they raised their prices by 50% (or more) for 100ml.

    One wonders if they are involved in tax fraud, possibly counting free reviewer bottles as "donations". Hmmm…

    BTW Lex, the intro/outro music is damn awesome. Reminds me of Escape from New York and the first Deus Ex game. Both great memories for me that conjure up some serious nostalgia about the good ol' days.

  4. Just Add Light says:

    lol Soyboy. Good to see you again man. Also, laid + ex = Lex aid. Where can I get tickets?

  5. Jon Foster says:

    I never knew perfume reviews existed

  6. Jerry Dee says:

    I have to try this house….wanna know why i didn't…because I'm a fuckin imbecile…..lmfaoo

  7. Daniel San! says:

    Btw, I love the TV screen thing. Lol!

  8. Daniel San! says:

    What's up Mr Lex?! I love your reviews! It's fun to watch! I've always wanted to get some frags from this house, especially the Vanille Intense! But not going to buy anymore for a while, but starting again at the beginning of spring. I'm glad I came by to see you. Later Gator! 😀

  9. Mark MD says:

    I love these names

  10. David Reynolds says:

    Supposed to be Elysium with patchouli instead of vetiver….do u like this better than the Soir version which is straight up Elysium clone.

  11. Rich Mitch says:

    Look at this Lex Offender

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