Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama – Live At The Florida Theatre / 2015

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama - Live At The Florida Theatre / 2015

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Earlier this year Lynyrd Skynyrd performed their first two studio albums, “Pronounced ‘Lĕh-‘nérd ‘Skin-‘nérd” and “Second Helping”, live in their entirety for the first time, at two specially staged concerts at the Florida Theatre in their home town of Jacksonville, Florida..

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Music video by Lynyrd Skynyrd performing Sweet Home Alabama. (C) 2015 Skynryd Partnership, exclusively licensed to Eagle Rock Entertainment Ltd

49 Comments to Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama – Live At The Florida Theatre / 2015

  1. David Varela says:

    They are all cousins

  2. 죽은시인 says:

    써던롹 다좋아 노래도 죠아 인종이제는 끝네자!!!! 우예!!!!

  3. Friendly Pancake says:

    I dont like when they edit these. I want to hear the crowd sing.

  4. Friendly Pancake says:

    Im surprised this wasnt in Alabama

  5. Marcus Klein says:

    Es mag zwar ein Klassiker sein, aber so eine Negativ-Performance von dem Sänger ist schon fast Comedy-Verdächtig! Der macht das doch nur, weil er irgendwo mal den Text gelesen hat… So eine lahme Pfeife kann sich doch eigentlich keine Band leisten! Was nimmt der zur Beruhigung???



  7. Leandro Borges says:

    who's listening to this in December 2018 give a like here !!

  8. Kechu Arrua says:

    Alguien seria tan amable de explicarme el significado de la bandera que tiene Johnny?

  9. Vishwadeep Sonawane says:

    I want a Axl Rose version of this 2 octaves higher.

  10. novansyah putra says:

    Hello ma prend

  11. run Caz says:

    I hate this song.

  12. Bernardo San Martín says:

    Gracias gracias

  13. classickruzer1 says:


  14. Head Banger says:

    where is the flag??? fxxck

  15. Michelle F. Giroux Scott says:

    Thank you Lynyrd Skynyrd for posting this live version on You Tube! 😀

  16. Miguel Salas says:

    RIP Ed King thanks fellas

  17. Christine JAUTEE says:

    Perfect Lynyrd Synyrd!!! Like and share!!!

  18. Runebone13 says:

    Certain people should have never died, and certain things should have never reigned on

  19. Vincent Davis says:

    773 people dislike Sweet Home Alabama
    Screw them
    If you don’t like lynyrd Skynyrd then don’t [email protected]@@@@@ watch

  20. Mark Bockting says:

    Psalm 4 x & Ness San Francisco a man before theycrashed so. Sorry

  21. Tony Farrugia says:

    TRUMP 2020 MAGA

  22. Patrick Poulin says:

    The south rise again

  23. Patrick Poulin says:

    Southern rock rules

  24. Paulo Roberto says:

    Meu tempo de moleque, que saudade!

  25. Zec Nenad says:

    poydravlja vas nesa

  26. Peter Stevens says:

    You made it boys! When I 1st saw your comeback, I knew Skynyrd would rise from the ashes. Ronnie would be proud.

  27. Rhonda Boncutter says:

    Oh my, remember this from years ago! I grew up Country, but went through a stage! My husbands music changed after he came home from Viet Nam! They grew on me! God bless us all!

  28. Dylan Edrington says:

    "People in Birmingham love the Governor" Are they talking about George Wallace?

  29. TAnaker _ says:

    I love the song but that’s the whitest crowd I’ve ever seen in my life

  30. Cliff Gamer says:

    Great song but most women in the crowd will call the cops on black/brown children asking for directions to school.

  31. Andreys Cannio says:

    Cazzo questo si che è un concerto ..grandi madò

  32. Tony Cambisi says:

    Was diggin it until 4:47 and then uh wtf?

  33. Sam Reich says:


  34. Sam Reich says:


  35. Sam Reich says:


  36. Greg Miller says:

    man… that lead singer brother Van Zant?!?…i'm telling ya…. sounds purdy much damn spot on!…

  37. jhonatan peña carlos says:

    mis abuelitos

  38. Roger Edge says:

    I grew up with this band. They went to Terry Parker High . Their teacher was their name. My friends were at the same school loved the music. Im 64

  39. Animesh Sharma says:

    LIbtards disliked because of the flag .

  40. don't hate regulate says:

    4:47 hahahaha WTF? These guys are the real rockstars! Legends DAMN.

  41. Craig Spriegel says:

    And we turned it up!!!!!!

  42. Estuardo Murrugarra says:


  43. Bruno Gregório says:


  44. eezor says:

    Just saw them this past Fri. here in Grand Rapids MI. It was awesome !!

  45. alandunaway3000 says:

    I smiled when I was on Hyperion(SC2) and this song blared out of the game's jukebox.

  46. Dr Harold Shipman says:

    My mate Wiffy who works down the recycling centre says he has various hair products for sale ,no questions asked but they’re cheep !

  47. Marjory Rainey says:

    This song is excellent

  48. jeff S says:

    bless these ppl, but skynyrd died with ronnie, no disrespect

  49. Monte Thompson says:

    don;t like this i like the real lynard skynyrd

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