Malu Trevejo OLD VS NEW Musically l Best Malu Trevejo Musically Compilation 2018

Malu Trevejo OLD VS NEW Musically l Best Malu Trevejo Musically Compilation 2018

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Malu Trevejo OLD VS NEW Musically l NEW Malu Trevejo Musically March 2018 :
This Malu Trevejo OLD MUSICAL.LY VS NEW MUSICALLY Compilation includes Best Old musically and New Musically videos of Malu Trevejo

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24 Comments to Malu Trevejo OLD VS NEW Musically l Best Malu Trevejo Musically Compilation 2018

  1. AnastassiaRobloxPlays stassia/vlogs says:

    Less fake nails there is a BIG DIFFERENCE and her face

  2. AnastassiaRobloxPlays stassia/vlogs says:

    She wore less makeup everything was diffrent

  3. AnastassiaRobloxPlays stassia/vlogs says:

    She wore less inappropriate clothes old

  4. AnastassiaRobloxPlays stassia/vlogs says:

    She was different

  5. Cyn says:

    3:21 that video is soo iconic omg

  6. Aidan Camat says:

    high key like the old malu better loll

  7. yeemodoll says:

    Neither. be gone thot

  8. Carlos acosta says:

    new lo nuevo la evolución de malu jjaa

  9. Lianni's Cute Life says:

    4:00 whats that please tell me

  10. lavu says:

    Idk why
    But i want malu to post a picture on her instagram in which she should include following things
    Outfit: t shirt- full length ;not cropped;no deep neck;
    with sleeves
    Jeans- not ripped; not bleached; just plane
    Make up : no makeup;
    Only lip gloss or something
    Hair: no extensions;
    no color ; no bleach;
    no heat; just washed and simply dried with their natural texture
    Nails: no acrylic nails;
    no polish
    Footwear: simple shoes.
    I bet she would look simply and naturally beautiful.
    Sorry if it was too long
    But i really really really want her to post such a picture

  11. hopemedaddy says:

    4:29 she looks like a whole different person

  12. Khadijah Medeiros says:

    I remember seeing malu for the first time on a musically complication. She was wearing a grey sweater kinda crop with straight hair. She was belly dancing and she look so sweet and pretty. I always thought to myself “oh I wish I was her” and “I wished I looked like that”. At that point I didn’t necessarily “look up” to her, but I wanted to be her and like her. Now… not so much

    Edit: this was the musically 3:19

  13. éloise johnson says:

    my dear, you knead there

  14. Jael Almonte says:

    2:23 song

  15. karley henage says:


    sorry Malu I think it not a hoe and ur really pretty

  16. Nana Gonzalez says:

    you are so pretty love you

  17. ana luisa says:

    i like more the old malu FR

  18. Rina Mose says:


  19. Carly Diep says:

    I like the old malu better

  20. KAWAII CHAN says:


    She a hoe now

  21. Alexa Kassandra Antipala says:

    why do little girls need fake nails ? O.O

  22. AlohaROBLOX_ YT says:

    The new one is better because she seems more happier and confident so good for her

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