19 Comments to My New music video vs my old music vid

  1. Michelle Ortega says:

    I Like my new one WAYYY better I hate my old one
    The old one took me like a few minutes to do and my new one took super long to do…

  2. Little Crazy Potato says:

    Love devils don't fly (can I get a shoutout my details are on the question vid please)

  3. Random Games says:


  4. Random Games says:


  5. Random Games says:

    Love it

  6. that_one_person_with_huge_pathelogical_fears ;w; says:


  7. Nito plays says:

    I love both

  8. Cookie nacho Emaun Cookie grongora says:

    Old wins #oldwins

  9. Zero Kim says:

    Old one better

  10. Bella Clarity says:

    Wits the name of the frist song ??? Oh and plus solo good music vids

  11. XxMiraclexX says:


  12. Kittyxoxo Plays says:

    I love both! You have really good editing <3 ya know wat imma put u in my “10 best editing in gacha Community” =w=

  13. Krazy Kallie says:

    I love both

  14. uni the ultima wearwolf says:

    new wins #RIPoldmichelle

  15. Michelle Ortega says:

    If you have not seen them check them out! Caio adios>> https://youtu.be/t2gnLtl2SOQ
    Devils don’t fly>>> https://youtu.be/elbFGS9aDj8
    And guys pls don’t say that your first or second or idk…it kinda annoys me…..and people don’t really care about the vid…

  16. unicorn girl790 says:

    Second! 😀 edit:best girl ever!

  17. Nallely Rangel says:


  18. ยภʄค๓๏ยรgคςђคק๏tคt๏ 711 says:


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