Nepali Folk Songs – Instrumental Music

Nepali Folk Songs - Instrumental Music

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25 Comments to Nepali Folk Songs – Instrumental Music

  1. Ramesh Parajuli says:

    Very nice nepali folk music

  2. Lata Savadkar says:

    So beautiful

  3. Şairulazam says:

    Etkileyici 😉

  4. Ishmerai Toili Latu says:

    I love this music. Nothing hurts listening to this music. Love from Auckland, New Zealand.

  5. Sérgio Costa says:

    Lots of love from Portugal. Love you, miss you, Nepal!!!

  6. Shiven Joshi says:

    Surreal. Mesmerizing sounds of flute and bagpipes. Indeed Uttarakhand and Nepal have a lot in common. Love for my Himalayan brothers.

  7. Silvana Builes says:


  8. Rahul Rks says:

    I love this music and feeling a rural life …awesome..from india.

  9. Santi Ramirez says:

    beautiful music! i love it!

  10. Nepulies Hangbang says:

    eveythikg gud

  11. Cruz Arric says:

    One of the best music for all around the world

  12. Roshan Shrestha says:

    dami xa loh brow

  13. music x says:

    one World, one heart , a greeting from Morocco

  14. BartholomewSmutz says:

    USA Great music!

  15. Anil Giri says:

    I am an Indian, I love Nepali music. Thank you for your music uploaded

  16. Leah Briones says:

    Thank you, so very enjoyable. I love Nepal.

  17. Örnest Örnsen says:

    One day i'm going to the honey hunters in nepal!

  18. Blackforest Butwal says:

    our culture song form nepal

  19. Baburam Bhandari says:

    Excellent music and composition. Being away country , music and culture bring us together Thanks Baburam Vancouver Canada

  20. MAYA Trần Mạnh Hy says:

    I love it. Thanks from VietNam

  21. Sebastian Jay Kinder says:

    When I hear this I think of the bumpy jeep rides and it warms my heart.

    I miss my hill. I will be back.

  22. Thaha Municipality Makwanpur says:


  23. Рафаэль Ахкамов says:

    with love from Russia

  24. mohit nigam says:

    Long live nepal and its sweet culture.
    Love from India

  25. Nathalie Grange says:

    Great Zk

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