7 Comments to Nick Ziobro- All of Me

  1. Jay Taylor says:

    Fine singing!

  2. Doug Debard says:

    Great job on this tune… Love your style and will be checking out more from you. Keep it up !

  3. Nikki ? says:

    OMG… I can't believe how well he's done! I still remember him singing Rockin' Robin in my school's talent show!! Warm greetings from a friend from SSPJ. 🙂

  4. Richard Skipper says:

    Check out my exclusive interview with Nick later today at Richard Skipper Celebrates

  5. TerryComo2010 says:

    Nice rendition. All the best to him in the future.

  6. Der Glaetze says:

    My mother's maiden name is Ziobro. A great Polish name.

  7. TnJDatingServices says:

    I just saw this show last night in San Francisco and I must say. I found Nick to be so inspiring. Being only 16 myself and probably the youngest member of that audience, I felt out of place and like I didn't belong (especially when the elderly people behind me kept shooting me looks like young folks weren't allowed to love jazz), but when Nick walked up onto the stage….I'll eave it at that. He is fantastic.

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