36 Comments to Northern Soul Girl Dancing 5

  1. Peter Clarke says:

    What song is this?

  2. Stephen Grimmett says:


  3. James Williamson says:


  4. gerrybasildon says:

    banksys daughter

  5. Ron Wylie says:

    HEY! so glad to see your still keeping the faith, it's great to see young people enjoying the music and I love your little dance vids

  6. HANS VALADES says:

    sabroson :3

  7. gerttieW says:

    I have noticed that she does a lot of her Dancing in the west Country Bristol,Clevedon,Bath etc.Where is she from I think she is great and the sounds are fantastic. Keep up the good work. xxx

  8. ThePaulie68 says:

    Fantastic videos!
    Great music & awesome dance moves!
    These really make me smile watching them & Lev has a way of making any bad day a great 1!
    Keep the Faith! ūüėČ

  9. done_deal67 says:

    The tune and the dance moves have a native american quality to them,, a great interpretation!

  10. Adrian Symcox says:

    fantastic dancer fantastic lady fantastic music

  11. colin elias says:

    Great record  KOKO  Colin.

  12. bryan jowett says:

    Gorgeous girl.Fantastic dancing GO GIRL.

  13. TheRealTravisBickle says:

    this gives me faith that people still appreciate how good northern soul and motown is 

  14. shorelineboy says:

    Keep it up girl . Man I love to be able to dance like that used to love dancing now just an old guy dancing in my head love it

  15. doctormcm Middleton says:

    Watch these videos . . ..  and then watch them again. This is why the world loves Northern Soul:)

  16. Jon Taylor says:

    Lev is so infectious, once you start to watch you can't stop and if the world ever needed cheering up, she's in the team to do it… fantastic stuff Lev, keep the faith babe!

  17. bonosbones says:

    You're fantastic! Really refreshing to watch you're videos ūüôā

  18. Rob Poult says:

    Levanna  is a credit to the latest generation of soul boys and girls those who remember the old days will be proud that the youngsters are keeping the faith way to go Levanna  x

  19. Dale Broomhead says:

    Lev, you brighten up my day every time I watch your grooves. I reckon the next one should be reaching for the best exciters

  20. keith6662 says:


  21. MARK NAYLOR says:

    I was born in London, live in Spain and watch northern soul dancing from Bristol. guess the worlds getting smaller  KTF

  22. Wayne Gregory says:

    Can I find this track on a compilation album?

  23. Nawar Charkhi says:

    Great talent, great music. What is the name of the song?
     Thank you.

  24. Bob Hawxwell says:

    KTF pet…. and thank you

  25. 90210jud says:

    Song and artiste anyone?

  26. kwoks22 says:


  27. johnmay1979jm says:

    Artist is Larose Phillips

  28. georgethe100 says:

    Just great
    Brilliant well done babe ktf

  29. colin elias says:

    Lev you are wanted , magic .

  30. Lucan579 says:

    What a lovely young lady, great dancing and great music. Keep up the good work Lev!! xxx

  31. Mick Toal says:

    Absolutely FANTASTIC moves and music, Lev you are a STAR

  32. Chris Darling says:

    Just made my mind up, got to give it to you Lev special !!!!!!!!

  33. Paola Di Bello says:

    you are a genius!

  34. Jaki E says:

    so wonderful to watch you and listen to the tracks… keep them coming and thanks for the smiles x

  35. Douglas Wells says:

    Fantastic Love it ! Keep 'Em Coming

  36. ADRIAN GEARY says:


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