34 Comments to Northern Soul – Little Richard – Get Down With It.

  1. Łukasz Wawryniuk says:

    L itk mm


  2. manoel luiz teixeira says:

    Ogrande e sempre Little Richard. maneco – Porto Algre-RS – Brasil.

  3. Phil Silverman says:

    The model for slade , in 1972!

  4. Kazem Malek says:

    Yeh yeh yeh yeeeeeh ….Ma ma ma ma …………………..C'est ça

    le Rock& Roll ………………………..

  5. Neil Ladd says:

    Pound that peeeaaano!

  6. Kazem Malek says:

    Super hot , super Rocker .

  7. Egbert Souce says:

    Shuddup !! 3-1-18

  8. Alfredo Cristovam de Souza says:

    Slade drank of this water.

  9. Kazem Malek says:

    Just incomparable .Super great

  10. Alan Fox says:

    Little Richard did a good song which bombed but launched Slade career.

  11. stephen gray says:


  12. Henry Garnett says:

    got stomper written over it

  13. Kazem Malek says:

    Hot hot hot …………………..Cool cool cool …………

  14. Richard Smith says:

    Originally written & done by the great Bobby Marchan before Little Richard tackled it.  This British 45 is not the same as the U.S. Release.  This must be a second or more take.  The U.S. is actually better.  I have it on A U.S. LP and a CD>.

  15. Richard Smith says:

    The best Little Richard record after leaving Specialty.  My opinion.

  16. clarkewi says:

    LR really rocks.

  17. Patpot Munro says:

    Wooooooooooo. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oho yeah. Mamamama. Bloody brill. Just one more time!

  18. Marcelo Xavier says:

    It waas recorded in england, and produced by Norman Smith in Abbey Road studios in 1967

  19. H31180und1 says:

    Little Richard…the greatest!

  20. алнксандр грачев says:

    fantastic track. = i have vinyl 45-s – poland -LITTLE RICHARD.. = alex. ukraine.

  21. TheRockerxx69 says:

    Amazin. Awesome. got me rockin then…and now….that l m 64 as Macca said

  22. Sam Tenuto says:

    sizzling hot stomp

  23. Per Andersson says:


  24. HARRY SAVILLE says:

    another great one

  25. tracheoboy says:

    heard this version in the mitre blackpool last weekend – blasting tune played by the one and only mark taylor

  26. dange160650 says:

    Six knobheads don,t like it, probably Will Young fans

  27. laghrif omar says:

    Whats wrong with those 4 people disliking such a Music ??

  28. Richard Smith says:

    Better than the Original by Bobby Marchan.  Okeh records dropped the ball on this.  It should have been a smash single.

  29. youoverzealtube says:

    Big Jim Sullivan on guitar !

  30. John Davies says:

    Produced by Hurricane Smith

  31. John Robertson says:

    producer norman 'hurricane' smith…oh babe what can i say

  32. Sheven718 says:

    little bit of latter day rock n roll ! what a stomper !  this guy was real raw rock n roll ! and what a voice ? all hail the mighty little richard ! 

  33. Eric Johnson says:

    Russ Winstanley still plays it at is northern gigs,it's the beat get down with it.

  34. sexdog estrada says:

    The Best Soul Rock and Roller of all time

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