The Flirtations – What’s Good About Goodbye My Love

The Flirtations - What's Good About Goodbye My Love

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This trio were originally known as The Gypsies in the US, but moved to England in 1968 and became The Flirtations. Their biggest hit was Nothing But a Heartache, but this song was issued in 1969 and became a northern soul favourite in later years.

Dean Martin – Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu) (

Dean Martin - Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu) (

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La radio de los Estados Unidos. Tardes completas al lado del transistor escuchando infinidad de voces e instrumentos amenizaban el día a los americanos durante años. Las gargantas de Frank Sinatra, Eddie Cochran, The Everly Brothers, The Crew Cuts o The Andrews Sisters se pueden oir en esta genial recopilación que incluye 5 discos con temas inolvidables.

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Old Fortnite Music to return?

Old Fortnite Music to return?

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The old music of Fortnite was the best music.
With Fortnite Season 5 quickly approaching, I fret that we’re going to see the music return, not necessarily via a Battle Pass, but a general setting – it’s been re-added to the game files, so it’s a possibility.

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Folk Music from Pokhara, Nepal – The Sarangi

Folk Music from Pokhara, Nepal - The Sarangi

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It was my final day traveling in Pokhara Nepal. I’d been harangued since day one in Nepal by guys on the street selling musical instruments called sarangi. I thought the instruments were all crappy tourist trinkets — and many were. But this one guy started playing beautiful folk music on what is Nepal’s answer to the fiddle.

Curious, I started chatting with him. We haggled for a little while over the price of his sarangi. He told me if I met him by the lake later, he’d give me a free lesson. That sealed the deal for me. But then heavy rain moved in. I thought I’d never find him.

In the midst of the downpour, as I dashed down the road for lunch, another guy tried to sell me a sarangi. I told him I had already bought one and was looking for my teacher. He said it was his brother who sold me my sarangi earlier, and if I waited in the same spot at 4, he would tell his brother to meet me.

I wondered if he would actually be there. He was. His name was Ram Lal. He led me down a narrow alley, around corners most tourists ignore, across the street from my hotel, to the cinder-block shanty where he lives. His one-room home consisted of a bed, a small table, a few potatoes, and more than a dozen handmade sarangi — some finished, some still being carved. He gave me a half-hour lesson, followed by a four-minute concert, which he gave me permission to put on YouTube.

This video starts with the story of how I met Ram. If you don’t feel like listening to me ramble, you can fast-forward to the third minute to hear him play and give a quick demonstration near the end of how the sarangi is played.

If you are traveling to Nepal, Ram Lal and his brother play a free concert every night in Pokhara at the Maya Pub in the Lakeshore district. (It’s on the second floor — hard to tell from outside that there’s live music happening upstairs.)

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ONE NIGHT STAND’s July 2017 offering is THE GREAT AMERICAN SONGBOOK, also known as “American Standards,” featuring the popular songs and jazz standards from the early 20th century .

Featured voices are Basti Artadi, Agot Isidro, Aicelle Santos, Joaquin Valdes, Cris Villonco, and Michael Williams.

Musical Direction by Ceejay Javier.

Production Management by John Mark Yap.

Stage Management by Mara Agleham and Steven Tansiongco.

Produced by Joaquin Valdes, Mica Pineda and Chinie Concepcion.



Talk of the Grapevine Dec 2018 Photos

Talk of the Grapevine Dec 2018 Photos

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Another great afternoon spent chilling, dancing, listening to Soul from Classic Northern to Modern, Rare Soul. An afternoon where DJ’s play the records they bought for other to hear some are obscure and some not so obscure. Here are the pics of you all having a great time

Harry Reser and His Orchestra — Yes, Sir, That’s My Baby (Charleston) (

Harry Reser and His Orchestra -- Yes, Sir, That's My Baby (Charleston) (

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Harry F. Reser (January 17, 1896 — September 27, 1965) was an American banjo player and bandleader. Born in Piqua, Ohio, Reser was best known as the leader of The Clicquot Club Eskimos. He was regarded by some as the best banjoist of the 1920s.
t was during this time that he was seeing the banjo make its presence felt more strongly with dance bands and therefore felt he should learn how to play it as quickly as possible. He practiced diligently until he was able to play the instrument to a high enough standard to supplement his piano playing with it, there by increasing his chances of earning a reasonable living. In the summer of 1920 he played in a Dayton dance band under the leadership of Paul Goss. By this time he was playing the banjo more regularly. He soon relocated to Buffalo, New York to appear at the Hippodrome, playing primarily violin, though continuing to work on his banjo technique as well.
Just after Christmas of 1920 he relocated again, this time to New York City. He sought out engagements and soon found himself in demand. Some of the early bands he was involved with included those of Ben Selvin, Bennie Krueger, Sam Lanin, Nathan Glantz, Mike Markel (for whom he played Saxophone) and many others. Though there is no supporting evidence, Reser’s first broadcast is said to have been from the Statue of Liberty, Bedloe’s Island, on a US Army transmitter in 1921. By 1922, he had recorded a half dozen pieces, including Crazy Jo’ (January) and Zez Confrey’s Kitten On the Keys (April). In early autumn of the same year, he considered starting his own band to record under. Soon a contract was drawn up with Okeh and his first band came into being during September/October of 1922, the Okeh Syncopators. Shortly after the start of this new endeavor he was approached by Paul Whiteman to sit in for Whiteman’s regular banjoist, Mike Pingitore, during a UK tour of the Paul Whiteman Orchestra.
Reser had three original compositions written for tenor banjo; The Cat and the Dog, Cracker Jack, and Lolly Pops.
In 1925, he found fame as the director for NBC’s Clicquot Club Eskimo Orchestra, continuing with that weekly half-hour until 1935. At the same time, he also led other bands using pseudonyms. “Harry Reser and His Six Jumping Jacks,” with vocals by Tom Stacks, were the zany forerunners to comedy bands like Spike Jones and His City Slickers.
Reser and his band introduced on record, the standard “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” in 1934.
Harry Reser played “Tiger Rag” and “You Hit the Spot” in the Vitaphone musical short Harry Reser and His Eskimos (1936).
Reser remained active in music for the rest of his life, leading TV studio orchestras and playing with Broadway theatre orchestras. In 1960 he appeared with Bing Crosby, Peggy Lee and Buster Keaton in “A 70th Birthday Salute to Paul Whiteman” on TV’s The Revlon Revue. He wrote several instructional books for the banjo, guitar, and ukulele.
In 1965 Reser died of a heart attack in the orchestra pit of the Broadway stage version of Fiddler on the Roof just prior to a performance. He was inducted into the National Four-String Banjo Hall of Fame, a museum in Oklahoma, in 1999.

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Top 100 Classic Country Songs Of All Time – Greatest Old Country Music Hits Collection Playlist 2019

Top 100 Classic Country Songs Of All Time - Greatest Old Country Music Hits Collection Playlist 2019

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Top 100 Classic Country Songs Of All Time – Greatest Old Country Music Hits Collection Playlist 2019

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German folk music

German folk music

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The German folk music and traditional music as all very cheerful and pleasant to listen to. german folk music playlist very quality music. We noticed that this music is very popular on YouTube. Would you like to become ambassador of art in your home country? Write to [email protected] and join our great project! Waiting for you! 🙂

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Double Cookin’ – Instrumental Demo*

Double Cookin' - Instrumental Demo*

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Double Cookin’ are a five piece party band from the South of England, with a style best described as a blend of Northern Soul and Southern Funk.

Blending an eclectic mix of virtuoso performance, well crafted originals and kicking up-tempo covers, Double Cookin’ are one of the most exciting bands you will see this year and are guaranteed to have you up dancing from the first note to the final encore!


This is the instrumental only version of this track, which we have posted as a temporary demo video.

We are now in final mix for the vocal demo and are expecting to upload this before Christmas 2018.

Many thanks for your patience!

Double Cookin’

Frankie Yankovic And His Accordion — Hoop-Dee-Doo (

Frankie Yankovic And His Accordion -- Hoop-Dee-Doo (

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Frankie Yankovic (July 28, 1915, Davis, West Virginia — October 14, 1998, New Port Richey, Florida) was a Grammy Award-winning polka musician. Known as “America’s Polka King,” Yankovic was the premier artist to play in the Slovenian style during a long and successful career.

Frankie Yankovic (15 de julio 1915 Davis, Virginia Occidental – 14 de octubre de 1998) fue un músico de polka. Conocido como el “Rey Polka de los Estados Unidos”, fue el artista más importante dentro del mundo de la polka.

Yankovic publicó más de 200 grabaciones en su carrera. En 1986 fue galardonado con el primer Grammy en la categoría Mejor Grabación de Polka.

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Jan Daley – Great American Songbook Sold Out Performance – Los Angeles

Jan Daley - Great American Songbook Sold Out Performance -  Los Angeles

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Jan Daley’s sold out performance at Vitellos, a renowned Los Angeles music club, was a tour de force of classic renditions from The Great American Songbook, sprinkled with delightful originals. Luminaries from LA’s music scene were on hand including Johnny Magus, Brad Chambers, Jerry Sharell, Chuck Southcott, Chick Watkins, and even Hollywood icon Wink Martindale! Two standing ovations later, it was obvious that Jan’s artistry can bring down a house. Her smokey vocals, coupled with pinpoint comedic timing and sheer sexiness were on full display. Enjoy!

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This Love Is Real ~ Dana Valery

This Love Is Real ~ Dana Valery

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Like Motown, Brunswick records policy of using backing tracks and songs on different artitsts means we got Dana’s version of Jackie Wilson’s Northern Soul classic on her 1972 album ‘Not The Flower But The Root’ . It finally appeared on 45 on this 2012 UK single…………………A Metropolitan Soul Fave Rave !

Vintage Music in Lounge Music: Cool Summer Lounge & Chillout

Vintage Music in Lounge Music: Cool Summer Lounge & Chillout

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Celebrate Vintage Fashion with Sexy Summer Chill Lounge Music, Liquid Dubstep Erotic Soft Songs & Cool Summer Chillout Music Collection inspired by the Sexy Dita Von Teese Burlesque Music, here’s a Music Compilation to make you feel Sensual and Hot with Soft Lounge Music

The Playlist of the video:
1: Shangri-La (track 12 of the album),
2: Club Prive (11),
3: Passion Fruit (3),
4: Liquid Dubstep (14),
5: Chillstep (15),
6: Love In Chillstep (20),
7: Latin Planet (22),
8: After the Rain (34),
9: Summer In Love (29)

6-year-old’s Music for Peace Project

6-year-old's Music for Peace Project

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Sound Engineer: Robert Olmsted
Film: Taekyu Yang
Performers: Justin Yu and Joyous Ensemble
Arrangement and Instrumentation: Julian Yu

From Director:
It is always difficult to compose an arrangement for such a well-known song. Especially when it is written for a very young group such as the Joyous Ensemble. I have tried to incorporate more elements from different music genres while keeping the classical flavor. I hope that this type of mixture will bring delightfulness to listener’s ears.

The sound recording portion was challenging because of the size of the instruments the Joyous Ensemble children play on. As gifted as they all are, it is very difficult to get great quality of sound from 1/8 instruments. Nevertheless, all the children are amazingly gifted. On the day of the taping, the temperature was close to 100 degree. I was very worried that the heat might effect everyone’s performance. To my amazement, they did not miss a beat. This is truly a wonderful group of 7 year olds! They showed artistry and maturity well beyond their years. It was an amazing experience to work with them.

Special thanks to engineers Robert, Taekyu and the Joyous Ensemble parents. .

While we were editing the footage, I accidentally saw the news about Syria on TV… I just could not get the image of those Syrian kids out of my mind. I strongly felt that I should do something. This inspired me to dedicate this video to all the children in the world. Let’s pray for more music and more peace. Let’s all believe that happiness is at the end of the Rainbow for everyone.

Sir Michael Parkinson presents Our Kind Of Music: The Great American Songbook

Sir Michael Parkinson presents Our Kind Of Music: The Great American Songbook

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Available here:

A 3CD collection featuring the legendary Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra and the modern masters of the genre Jamie Cullum and Diana Krall.

“This compilation CD is a personally curated collection of, in my opinion, the best of The Great American Songbook. But what is the Great American Songbook? In simplest terms it is the canon of the most enduring and popular songs and jazz standards composed between 1920 and 1950’s. For the most part written for Broadway and Hollywood musicals It features compositions by the likes of George and Ira Gershwin, Irving Berlin, Jerome Kern, Harold Arlen, Rogers and Hart, Cole Porter and Johnnie Mercer to name but a few. It is perhaps America’s sole indigenous art form and it is not a stretch to call it, as others have, ‘America’s Classical Music.”
Sir Michael Parkinson (2017)

Cleveland Thyagaraja Festival 2016 – Appreciating vintage music – 1

Cleveland Thyagaraja Festival 2016 - Appreciating vintage music - 1

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An appreciation of vintage music — a discussion
featuring Trichy Sankaran, Prof. VV Subramanyam, Suguna Varadachari, Thanjavur Govindarajan, Neyveli R. Santhanagopalan, Nagai R. Muralidharan, Mannargudi A. Easwaran, B Balasubramanyan and others
Recorded on March 26, 2016 as part of Cleveland Thyagaraja Festival 2016