36 Comments to Paul O’Grady – Wigan Northern Soul pt2

  1. tony teo says:

    Paul O'Grady should change his name to Paul O'Lyingtwat as it's obvious he knows fuckall about Northern as he doesn't have a clue about the dancing. Good video though.

  2. mike sull says:

    there no need to get upset.them days were the greatest days a young person could have.the truth is we all had nothing so when it came to the weekends we loved it and don't for get it was a long time ago .

  3. remi says:

    This is an honest question– Is the host male or female or in-between ?

  4. RicTic66 says:

    Surely if Paul O'Grady went to Wigwam he'd know how to dance without having to be shown. I think he's lying.

  5. GARY KEEN says:


  6. liam whitcombe says:

    In this programme O'Gradey claimed he went to the Casino. He WISHED he'd gone

  7. Gary S says:

    Sad circus but if it introduces younger people to Northern then the price you pay to keep the venues going, Youth are the future!

  8. Peter Bottomley says:

    Notice Mr Quinn has vanished I see, had his 15 minutes of fame, must be moving onto Rockabilly now.

  9. tom huntington says:

    just enjoy the music and shut the fuck up

  10. Robert Kinder says:

    what a load of crap all the wanna be northern soul fans I bet they don't know the first thing about wigan casino, the tourch or even the the mecca

  11. Ian Rawson says:

    Mr O Grady with the Greatest respect Leave Off / you cant be everything to everyone / Despite thinking you are !!! / Stick to helping sick Animals on TV

  12. Yogi Haughton says:

    Fuck sake, pass me a bottle of Tuinol am gonna end it all

  13. Isoult Tibby-Cattistock says:

    If anyone else says keep the fucking faith I swear I'll fucking implode. The soul scene has rapidly turned into a freak show circus. I'm out.

  14. itrmful says:

    You prove my initial albeit 'angry' point! The NS scene was our (my) escape from the banality of the mainstream. Fair play to anyone in their appreciation of the music,hats off to that.But this is the establishment grabbing a hold of something that was never theirs to be had!

  15. BORGSTIFF says:

    You always get someone with a load of bad lingo trying to spoil things. Good on everyone to keep the faith and it would be nice for certain people to keep the peace!

  16. CharlieTheZombie says:

    Sandy Holt is dancing here…still good now…Was a Class act back in the day

  17. Bullhead Rail says:

    Your a bellend mate. You know it all do you? Been there since the start and can tell you they can dance for sure and I have seen some out and about. People like you who think they own the scene make me sick.

  18. Chris Andrews says:

    er…it does sort of explain why it was always an underground scene…….where's Bernard Manning….

  19. barry huyton says:

    A opinion is like an arsehole everyones got one ? just somefolks stinks mare than others, great to see some movement to get the young ums involved or they be handing oot zimmer frames at the door life for living . ps how did we get involved after all????

  20. Terry Stanton says:

    The Bay City Rollers do Northern Soul. Love it!!!!

  21. Soulboy Craig says:

    So many comments from haters,WHY FFS? Just go and watch your favourite vids,insted of slagging other people off.You obviously dont like northern soul but came here to watch a N.S vid for no other reason than belittleing the other people who like it.

  22. Dave D says:

    Old Chinese proverb… Man who speak too quickly just to disrepect someone, risks making fool of himself… 🙂

  23. Isoult Tibby-Cattistock says:

    I ask that because I do and can say that they are not divs at all. The two young boys are fervent collectors of 'rare' soul and can be seen out and about at rare soul nighters. Why can't people just see this for what it is. A bit of fun for tea-time TV ffs.

  24. Isoult Tibby-Cattistock says:

    Do you know them all?

  25. David Ffyske says:

    ooh-that was uncomfortable to watch! i've tried some moves on the dance floor that didn't quite come off, but O'grady justs needs to leave it alone.

  26. itrmful says:

    W A N K E R S ! ! !. . .A DIVVY FEST!!. . every last one of them! Clueless and caring not one jot…hence the 'Soul Boy' bollocks film denegrating the scene of scenes this country ever had (has)……do not be fooled by this shit!!

  27. Raresouldisease says:

    Very painful

  28. drwhatson says:

    This is just downright bloody embarrassing… LOL Typical of everything Russ Winstanley and the pathetic Wigan Casino mafia put their hand to.

  29. DJ Krissi B says:

    and a BRILLIANT kickboxer ktf

  30. DJ Krissi B says:

    wow they had winstanley on it as well… whos idea was this?!

  31. Umskiddy says:

    Pure fucking nonsense. TheSoulgirl… you're an idiot !

  32. boggyandbob says:

    thanks soul girl for showin this… very good,,, but paul ogrady well wat can i say… keep up the gud werk..

  33. Andy Tedd says:

    as a lad i`m a spring chicken o 45,got a go a do a don thomas on the platfor [sing,come on train],god don`t ah talk some pish tata

  34. Andy Tedd says:

    there`s references tae oor beloved music all over,but this bloody pantomime jus gets me riled,anyway i`ll probably rant somemore later weni`ve got a belly full o tennants,tata fer know.oh while i`ve got the chance,i`ll say a very big thanks fer ure site fantastic selection o music,passed it on tae all the lads an lassies at the scoot club KTF fae BIG TEDD

  35. Andy Tedd says:

    if they wanna know about the music,you tube shudbe plenty,but POG fer chrisakes,an this is justaeplug fer this film,far as i`m concerned,it`s about the beautiful,beautiful music nothin more nothin less an if people wanna find out about it then don`t take in this kin garbage

  36. Andy Tedd says:

    kin dire,longlive being an underground movement KTF

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