48 Comments to picture me gone– madeline bell –northern soul

  1. Alan Burrows says:

    Fuck Burnley guys,this was a Pendulam tune from MANCHESTER,near

  2. R Smith says:

    I never knew this wonderful woman had done this Northern Soul hidden gem. From Blue Mink thru Space I've always loved her magical voice so this is a great find.

  3. Lisa Lane says:

    Wonderful tune – often play this out ..

  4. Nigel Brown says:


  5. Julian Child says:

    The Cats Whiskers was owned by the Mecca. Never went to the one in Burnley but loved the one in Meanwood in Leeds.

  6. steve lane says:

    Searlings Morris Minor van is far right……the Shag Wagon!

  7. Modette69er Northern Soul says:

    Boss song.

  8. isobella501 says:

    Gold x

  9. Tracie Obrien says:

    Tracie X

  10. MIKECNW says:

    Discovered this song the Live 365 station Northern Soul.Now the internet station is no more.

  11. MuscleMatters says:

    My scooter,parka and stilettos…. My circle skirt and the Casino….sigh!!

  12. pete groover says:

    great old pics,well done,toptune

  13. Isobella isobella says:

    Gold! KTF x

  14. Mark Chamberlain says:

    awesome sound!!

  15. Michael Hill says:

    love this track! !just re-discovered it!

  16. redraider 55 says:

    the drums are brilliant

  17. Louis Ballerz says:

    lovin this tune, 

  18. Steviej148 says:

    wots up you tube not got enough money you gone up i tunes arse .Greddy bastards!

  19. colin elias says:

    Good old one, koko.

  20. Iain johnstone says:

    My home turf – no pun intended Clarets fans!  Magic all-dayers and regular Sunday nights upstairs in the Rose Room. (Wasn't it called the Lancastrian Suite for a while?)  Friday nights at the British Legion in Accrington. Wonderful memories. 

  21. Billy Trory says:

    dont know any thing …about the cats whisker….i do know classic n/s song

  22. Howard Bewley says:

    mike berry on decca

  23. Lou Tiff says:

    My old haunt the Cat's Whiskers ahh the plastic palm trees but the dance floor was great!!!

  24. TheOkehman says:

    The Rose Room one of mine and one of Gingers original venues and as he often says where…."Urgh Tim Brown used to carry my records then"ha!ha! ….im sure Tim having written a book on the scene finds it funny to ….for me along Ginger along with Richard introduced me to this scene…and im still around at 56 to enjoy it…thanks for the memories!! A lot of my mates are no longer with us Keep The Faith Dave fro York formerly Burnley.

  25. Anto Healy says:

    Nothing like a bitta dirty norther.

  26. jillydavidson1 says:

    I am going to KGH on Saturday and I will be dancing to this. Can't wait

  27. Jody Matthews says:

    still favourite NS tune of all time goose bumps

  28. Yogi Haughton says:

    Yeah Cats, boodiful.

  29. jillydavidson1 says:

    Is that the Cat's Whiskers in Burnley?! Great record by the way 🙂

  30. graham symms says:

    great track memories goose bumbs:)

  31. MIKECNW says:

    I've heard Evie's version but I'm afraid this version's better.

  32. Jackie Maloney says:

    cats whiskers,i spent many a happy night there….

  33. 17soulable says:

    P icture Eileen gone! no, no no no…

  34. Q123Susie says:

    Have this in my collection….. ktf

  35. Maddest Jak says:

    Me too 🙂 x

  36. steve lane says:

    Searlings Morris Minor van! d;0)

  37. janet leigh says:

    remember thisx

  38. Carl Southward says:

    great sounds

  39. Paul says:

    good old burnley…………………………..

  40. Paul says:

    classic and wowwwww the cats whiskers loved that place r.i.p

  41. hobowithasandwiche says:


  42. laramut says:

    @MrChadp2 me an all x

  43. TheOkehman says:

    The Rose Room Burnley…upstairs in the Cats Whiskers Burnley…Gingers original venue and my home town!….its still there …but a bingo hall now….i live in York now but still go regularly to see my parents and sister….or of course catch up with the wizard of oooze Roman and Billy Foster at the numerous soul venues….but this place holds a lot of memories

  44. Chad Shaw says:

    takes me back to 80's scooter rallys class!

  45. tzein85 says:

    ax cats whiskers – my mis-spent youth!! – where are ya gary roberts! xaxaxa

  46. Ian Donohoe says:

    Used to go to the Wiskers and the Rose room. Happy days. I remember Diane Webb and her freinds.

  47. SeventiesMania says:

    @venusclare This one. And Madeleine Bell's other classic, the news jingle from 194 Radio City.

  48. mister clem says:

    This song is older than those cars ! BUT it looks well cool.
    I don't think Dusty did this , obviously it sounds like dusty cos MB was one of her backing singers and it was their style.
    Very Uplifting , and very american style production with that blastin sound , due to parallel compression …perhaps?

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