Pirate Folk Music – The Young Buccaneer (animated)

Pirate Folk Music - The Young Buccaneer (animated)

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Pirate folk music about a young pirate captain who is constantly in search of treasure islands and encounters dangers along the way. This music is called The Young Buccaneer. We hope you enjoy listening to it!


This amazing picture and animation are done by Shunzi! Check out his Facebook page:

~ Music by Derek Fiechter ~

10 Comments to Pirate Folk Music – The Young Buccaneer (animated)

  1. Derek & Brandon Fiechter says:

    Hey everyone!

    For those of you who haven't heard yet, we recently started a new relaxing music channel that focuses on long music tracks looped to last 3+ hours. This new channel features original music that's not on our other music channels and if you like soft piano, relaxing harp, or other types of peaceful music, you'd probably like this music.

    Here's the link to it: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaySB43MmyZW5UR4k8woQhw

    Have a great week!

    Derek & Brandon

  2. Headmistress Black Rose says:

    How's yall's new year so far?

  3. Wunzero says:


  4. Memorandum1231 says:

    hey you..

  5. avalon daketh says:

    Mooi zoals altijd

  6. Blackfalk says:

    definitely a sense of adventure in this one good job

  7. Zora Accalia says:

    Other composers: "Our music is the best!"

    Derek and Brandon: "Hold our drinks."

  8. Tom Dodds says:

    I. Love. It. I. Like. Pirates

  9. Jarren Lumpkin says:

    Love it❤️

  10. AngryAnimeFan - The Despair Reviewer says:

    ohoy mateys, Jolly were some, bloodthirsty were others. Some though wanted freedom, and with it a greater treasure that becomes the Adventure
    As the young captain keep looking straight ahead toward the destination, the music channels all that feeling of Adventure that is a Pirate Lifestyle
    What awaits on the Journey, Greed or Passion, Desire or Thrill
    Perhaps Excitment, as the music clearly channels.

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