Polish Folk Music – Polish Town

Polish Folk Music - Polish Town

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Polish folk music about the beautiful village in Poland. This music is called Polish Town. We hope you enjoy listening to it!


This great picture is from Jan Nepomucen Głowacki.

This great thumbnail is from Jan Brueghel the Younger.

~ Music by Brandon & Derek Fiechter ~

41 Comments to Polish Folk Music – Polish Town

  1. dlanor epmart says:

    I enjoyed this music very much! from the USA

  2. Aska Kaing says:

    Beautifully fresh…. 🙂 Thank you to both of you (hug)

  3. camilo mauricio says:

    My parents are polish , I´m argentinian and so happy to listen to our music . Thank you very much for all kinds of beautiful music . You are brilliant….may be you could write music for films , it will be very nice.!!!

  4. HIIMALEKS 1108 says:

    Sounds like Russian

  5. Lady Maria says:

    sounds like tf2 or banjo kazooie

  6. a. n. says:

    Pozdrowienia od braci Romów.

  7. CzasowAnton says:

    Love Poland, greetings from Russia!

  8. Hetem Carcili says:

    Greetings from Azerbaijan to Poland ❤
    Witam )

  9. Maxwell Sonnenburg says:

    I'm not Polish, but I am Russian, Czech, Bohemian, and Croatian. This song is too much for me I can't stop repeating it! I love it! Glory to the Poles and the Slavs!

  10. Maxwell Sonnenburg says:

    We need more Slav accordion music!

  11. Dávid Roman says:

    Returned to my home town in Slovakia from Kraków just now. Went to play this right away.

  12. Gamerch Music and Play says:

    Can you make belarusian? Belarus is a country that was a part of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, and a part of Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

  13. flea1985 says:

    that was a suprise – I liked it 🙂

  14. attafej says:

    Very nice music, greetings from Hungary!

  15. Sibernethy says:

    I use this song in my videos a lot. You guys have good taste. 🙂

  16. Mat Bledski says:

    1.5 speed and hardbass it

  17. Paweł Paciorek says:

    I recognize this castle, its in my city, great job. From Cracow, south Poland.

  18. Divea says:

    It's surprising how many of yours viewers are Polish (including me) 😀 And the song is brilliant!

  19. Tomáš Heller says:

    Great! Sounds like Jarek Nohavica, though.

  20. 血血 says:

    Fajneee ♥

  21. Richard Moon says:


  22. Koniarka schleich says:

    OMG. It's from my country! From my Poland! 🙂 So beautiful. Thank you for this music!

  23. Yeet says:


  24. Hussar says:

    My homeland music, thank you, Derek!

  25. Lost PJ says:

    Nigdy nie łamią regułę Polska!

  26. Slavaman says:

    More polish folk music please!!!!! I need it because it makes my day! Such nice tone art!

  27. Yakov Antonovich says:

    party like 1939.

  28. Slashplite says:

    from 0:40 it starts to sound like a Polish music 😀

  29. Michael Scott Paper Company says:

    I am british and german but have made alot of polish friends and met alot of great polacks, I love their culture and they are great people this is a great upload thank you friend 🙂

  30. Orion says:

    Greetings from Bangladesh

  31. Pyro Maniac says:


  32. Dexter De la rosa Toralba says:

    Hello, Im from México, can anyone say to me if this music have letter, or please give the link to find it, thaks so much!

  33. CamComLIVE says:

    Cheeki Breeki enough

  34. Magda Lapigrowska says:

    Guys, you are unbelievable! This is really wonderful 🙂 I'm Polish and I so happy to listen to your music. Thanks so much for making it! All the best! 🙂

  35. Coehoorn says:

    Without this accordion it would be good.

  36. Siwiec : says:

    Regards from Poland in 2016!!!

  37. Jane Burden Morris says:

    Preciosa, alegre y muy animada!!
    Muchas gracias a los dos y muchos besos

  38. Veroosh Tarot Astrology Horoscope says:

    I am polish and was skeptical to open this – but its nice!

  39. Markus says:

    thank you Derek & Brandons Fiechter 🙂 I am from poland.

  40. Dawid B says:

    thank you Derek & Brandons Fiechter 🙂

  41. MultiMangaGuy says:

    can u do more swedish folk music ?

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