1. Quentin Bozzano says:

    WRONG. U stay up till 11 something on Christmas Eve.Kids go in there room. Then at 12:00 pm (0:00) open the presents chill with presents for a bit then go back to sleep (sleep in)

  2. TheRealNMyers 450 says:

    Randolph didn’t listen to all of his old music

  3. Harry Abbott says:

    Stockings, presents then shower. Randolph way is the correct way

  4. Delila Romero says:

    Can anyone tell me where Randolphs hat is from?

  5. Jack Blick says:

    Yeahhhh Randolph is the normal guy

  6. Unseeable says:

    boys we dont have christmas here

  7. DDSE|DDSE Events says:

    simon….youre wrong bro….randolph is right you shout everyone diwnstairs into the living room at like 7 then after everyones opened their presents then you go shower and get ready for the meal…theres no shower interlude whilst opening presents….also you have to remember in the north for a long time ts not as rich or wealthy so often people in the north had less to open so there was no need for showering, also all you pointed out people up north generally arent as clean as southeners so….yeah…..ps Im from the north west of manchester myself with family in london so see both sides.

  8. Daniel de Sacadura says:

    Anyone else do presents, stocking, then breakfast and showers? Is it just me?

  9. Anthony Marcionni says:

    Simon is the weird one. And i live in Australia

  10. Charlie Smith says:

    Never had a Christmas stocking ever

  11. Draven Fajingler says:

    Simon your like the 'weird stray cat outside' look it up

  12. BlackH3ll2000 says:

    Open everything then do your daily stuff

  13. a i s l i n n says:

    lmao can't relate to both your ways of Christmas when I don't even celebrate Christmas ;-;

  14. Nate Cavazos says:

    Simon is the weird one, sorry bro

  15. venomous snake says:

    Somewhere in the world we don't have Christmas! We have l3id lkbir rbbk ghi dmayat w tchawet w lmssaren tfo

  16. Boxing k.o_king_wd says:

    5th k like x

  17. Olivia Ubanwa says:


  18. Ben says:

    randolph is right about the presents

  19. Ben says:

    I just noticed the really faded black bars moving up the screen and now I cant un-notice it

  20. Jay Sanders says:

    The lullaby one reminds me of pez

  21. Demon Comics says:

    Randolph your weird bro

  22. Demon Comics says:

    Randolph release them all there great not cringy

  23. Robbie says:

    Simon just jealous

  24. Mindcrack3r says:

    Do this again!

  25. JackJohnson16 says:

    What is the hat called he is wearing and where can I get it from anyone know?

  26. Adam young says:

    I wake up and open stockings then presents the you eat simple

  27. Check mate says:

    Simon is the weird one. I always woke up early for stockings, then by 8 had parents in the living room, where me and my sis opened all our presents.

  28. Zubair Hassam says:

    Simon you listen to shit music

  29. Fastlegen din says:

    Why do people open their presents in the morning?! Everyone i know does it before they go to bed.

  30. Fastlegen din says:

    Reminds me of Logic

  31. yuetto wong says:

    Addictions kinda have a lil wayne vibe

  32. MonSTAR says:

    Simons a hater randolph. Majority of his songs were dope!

  33. happy says:

    Yo some of those songs were sick

  34. FlowMusic says:

    Randolph is right lmao

  35. João Tiago Martins says:

    Omg some of them are actually realy sick. Great job!

  36. Zak Meleady says:

    I’m from the south and I think Simon is weird

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