Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under The Bridge [Official Music Video]

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under The Bridge [Official Music Video]

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32 Comments to Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under The Bridge [Official Music Video]

  1. Rick Sigmon says:

    Play this at my funeral!!! And Black hole sun! Too many great songs

  2. Delosmar Lacerda dos S. Filho says:

    Brasil ama Red Hot

  3. Luan Marxs says:

    Estou aqui só pra dizer que os BR vão dominar a internet.

  4. Ranieri Fontes says:

    2020 anyone 😉

  5. JD Bowman says:

    This video is dope asf

  6. Alina Micheilis says:

    Lekat di tetek

  7. Majestic Twelve says:

    I discovered this band maybe 2 months ago and know I love Anthony and whole band. Lol he's so handsome <3

  8. dionisia agrapidaki says:

    please come in Grecce this year <3

  9. Nathan Blake says:

    Real music lives forever

  10. Enjoy Music says:

    Favorite Rhcp's song.

  11. Jason Blake says:


  12. Jason Blake says:


  13. Jason Blake says:


  14. DISTRI ARIAST says:

    Que clásico; es una de mis preferidas

  15. Sebastian Di says:

    I need this so much now. I need. Wonderful heart-touching song. For me, it belongs to the best songs ever. Top 10. Job is an aggressor, after the job you can go to the family and then enjoying life. Down with the aggressor capitalism. No burn-outs more.

  16. E M says:

    INSPIRATION FOR GETTING CLEAN .. I love you Kendrick, I love you Ensley, I love you Justina, I love you FAMILY

  17. kung Few says:

    This song and smells like teen spirit were the two most powerful songs of the 90s.

  18. DYMZ Z says:

    Fucking frusciante man, he is so damn good

  19. LothianOwl says:

    The early 90s were a special time………a lot of the glam/big hair/shallow rock of the 80s was being replaced with deeper more meaningful music like this.

  20. Nikki McCune says:


  21. sergiomol4 xD says:

    Legendary song , 2019 ?

  22. ripper4life says:

    Wow.. they were zooted for this video

  23. Nathan Couture says:

    Even know I'm 13 I love this type of music new music sucks its is one lyric and mumbling for 3 mins straight

  24. Delila Sanchez says:

    God damn….. Anthony was so hott af back in the day with his long beautiful hair.

  25. Tim Shumate says:

    Rip Hillel

  26. Sharon Tarquinio says:


  27. honest inmotion says:

    Who's feelin this song in 2019?

  28. giggity goo says:

    2019 anyone

  29. Alan Evangelista says:

    Together we cry.

  30. Kenneth Palmer says:

    Who else feels emotional when you here that gutair and bass playing at the end

  31. Paul Lane says:


  32. Rahim Miah says:

    trying to quit opioids, adhd medication and weed. i dont want to be held back by anything but its hard, i cant sit still and i dont kno what to do, i cant even go gym anymore

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