37 Comments to Rod Stewart – Someone To Watch Over Me

  1. maureen1938 says:

    GORGEOUS…..Love you Rod Stewart. Such beautiful songs you sing….THANK YOU…..!!!

  2. meiliana Kurniawan says:

    from Bali Indonesia ❤ mei.2018

  3. Lewis Sanders says:

    Bloody Disgusting ,Terrible , SHOULDN'T BE ALLOWED .Gershwin didn't deserve this SHAME.

  4. Melissa Schroeter says:

    Oh when Dirk hears this he will love …Dirk is my husband, for 43and one half years… The man that taught me about men and how they need to be loved…lost lambs and all…men are all in need of love and understanding…if only women got that…

  5. John Smith says:

    Take some great music (George) and great lyrics (Ira), add a once upon a time rock singer (Rod) … doesn't get any better.

  6. Kid Charlemagne says:

    something funky happening on the harmony, anybody agree, I think they've simplified the Gershwin original 🙁
    Nevertheless Rod is a God, for Sure!

  7. Regina Helena Oliveira Designer says:

    Indas interpretações de Rod Stewart, love it, thanks!!!

  8. Neide Fernandes says:

    Great song !!

  9. Studio San Siro snc says:

    Simply wonderful!! The best

  10. Margot Blanchette says:

    very sensuous indeed. he put the romance back into these beautiful songs. And exactly how they should be sung. giving credit to the song writers.

  11. Rosario Hartmann says:

    Realmente hermoso.

  12. katy mills says:


  13. jitterbug121 says:

    Rod Stewart sang these cover song's brilliantly My dad loved these songs sung by Rod Love you dad RIP

  14. Allie Grant says:

    I would like to hear Rod and Willie Nelson sing this one together.

  15. abbie baker says:

    Rod I don't know what Taylor Swift and Jon Bon Jovi had in mind but it did not go over well I the cosmic and it's not over yet.  The Supernal Kingdom is not pleased with the lack of respect that the planet earth has for each other;

  16. abbie baker says:

    If you let me watch over you, I'll let you have chocolate and at least one soda a day.  We will eat junk the rest of the day and then we will work hard for a while and then play hard;  How does that sound?

  17. abbie baker says:

    Thank you Rod for your simple kindness that you share with so many of us of over and over.

  18. Abbie Baker says:

    The difference between my father and us and these people is that we don't lie and we have no reason to lie.  My father's redeemed have almost all passed over.  I'll be glad when the whole thing is over because I am tired and I'm tired of this earth.  I am so ready to go.

  19. Abbie Baker says:

    Let's find a cabin somewhere just big enough for Elijah, you and me.  I'll be a recluse the rest of my life.

  20. Abbie Baker says:

    Good Night Babe.

  21. Abbie Baker says:

    Let it be me. I love you as my dear friend and I'll watch over you.

  22. Abbie Baker says:

    I mostly have a weakness for you Rod Stewart.  I adore you.

  23. Abbie Baker says:

    I have a weakness for English men and their good manners and their class.  You are such gentlemen.  Of course, Baker is an English name.

  24. Abbie Baker says:

    He will watch over you also because he knows that I love you and that I would have a fit if anybody hurt you.  I can't be with you, so I really want to go home.  How can we win?

  25. Abbie Baker says:

    Jim knows that I love you. He ignores the rest but he keeps his eyes on us.

  26. Abbie Baker says:

    Next to Jim I loved you best.  He is a Co-Christ with me.  I love the job of watching over you.

  27. Abbie Baker says:

    I love you Rod Stewart and I always will.  It is a little difficult that you doubted me while I was on active duty for Judy.  I don't know her last name.  Rhoda had a bet with drugs and he brain lost.  Jim said that drugs are a bet with the mind.  I never did drugs never wanted them or cared for them. I figured Jim enough for both of us and somebody had to have a clear mind.

  28. Abbie Baker says:

    I love you Rod.  I am tying to follow your lead.  Will you take me on a trip?

  29. Abbie Baker says:

    Do you love me or are you going to lose me forever. You can be my little lamb,  But I don't like a sexual religion.

  30. Abbie Baker says:

    You know I am almost a recluse, but I love people.  Yet, I talk with my father and the Cosmic Masters a lot and I need a lot of privacy to communicate with them.  Sometimes the safety of the earth depends on these talks.  I'll follow your lead but will you show me how?  I need you to teach me to be a perfect life long friend and partner for you and you for me,  Once you are in there is no way out.  The Cosmic Masters will go over and over this issues with you.  There is too much at stake and they have to be able to trust you,

  31. Abbie Baker says:

    Let it be me.  The joy of my life would be to watch over you.  I think there is a chance that Jim wants to work from the Supernal Kingdom, or the Universal Mind.  He said something about an hour ago and he said that if he remained in the Supernal Kingdom he would want you or someone just like you to watch over me.  That was Jim's way of leading into giving us his blessings. You understand that I must do it the right way or not at all.  I did not want Jim to be alone when he was with Pam and I am the one who encouraged that relationship and I took Pam's side most of the time.  I loved Pam.  Jim said you would never be mean to me or embarrass me; nor would you draw unwanted attention to us because you would understand my need for privacy.  I love you Rod.

  32. SurpriseGuest1 says:

    Très Sexy Rod! Très Sexy! xD


    Hermosos temas y mas aun la interepretacion

  34. Susan Faraon says:

    love that……..someone to watch over me.

  35. abbie baker says:

    Have you ever said no?

  36. Peter Schlueter says:

    What a wonderful interpretation of this classic song

  37. abbie baker says:

    I'll watch over you now and forever. You are wonderful, beautiful, adorable and please let me be the one who watches over you.  You are handsome, gorgeous, dazzling.

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