9 Comments to Russel Byrd : You Better Come Home

  1. paudical says:

    @borisrodrigu … I think you mean the version by Varetta Dillard

  2. Mark Hallam says:

    Played on our R&B SCENE IN THE NORTH OF ENGLAND. Love it. The strings just rock

  3. borisrodrigu says:

    It's a very goog song, but I heard it sung by an exceptional female voice, and a tremendous orchestra sound. Does somebody know her name?

  4. ducraker says:

    @NELSONCOLOMBIAN : I was in the 10th grade and really liked this song. I searched everywhere until I found it here. Probably one of the best things about Youtube is the music. Cheers from San Diego.

  5. Nelson David Carvajal Alcaraz says:

    @ducraker its a magic history……..you wait too much time……..well now you got it……….you were 15 years old when you was looking for……….it´s an exelent song……..

  6. Mark Speck says:

    My understanding is that 'Russell Byrd' and 'Bert Russell' (the song's credited writer) are both pseudonyms for the late, great Bert Berns.

  7. ducraker says:

    I've been trying to find this song since 1962! Thanks.

  8. carew388 says:

    wow this song is so good thanks

  9. Tony Pilkington says:

    Very nice Jeff ! Ktf

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