Russian Folk Music

Russian Folk Music

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31 Comments to Russian Folk Music

  1. Blue Mail says:

    Now a days addicted to russian music

  2. ilpo vakoniemi says:

    I love Russia

  3. the neato misquito says:

    I remember my mom driving me to preschool back when she first moved to America and she would play these to me, I would have to go to a special class because I hardly spoke English at school and I would come home to the smell of borsh and cash and we would lay to gather under the blanket drinking our warm tea as she hummed me these beautiful hymns

  4. PoorSong says:

    penguin Russian…

  5. Dennis Campbell says:

    its good

  6. Dennis Campbell says:


  7. Dennis Campbell says:


  8. adress1100 says:

    Jakiś szkopski syf a nie russian folk.

  9. Zob Gheorghe says:


  10. David Lee says:

    Some of these are german

  11. OdGE Omega says:

    I always say russians are basically the same as we turks the only difference is we drink ayran and they vodka instead 😀
    I love russia i don't even really now why…

  12. Bailey Ross says:

    awsome music

  13. Miguel Petersen says:

    ohh i saw such a nice commercial inside this video, but then it stopped and i got back to this fucking music ahahhaa xD !!! love it!

  14. Medieval Thyme says:

    Beautiful music, very stirring. Love my heritage.

  15. Erik Horacio says:

    Where is katusha?

  16. Kelly Cabbell says:

    Anyone watching in 2017?

  17. MrNachosMampfer says:

    First song is german bruh

  18. Daruschka 01 says:

    the first one is german

  19. Nacht Hexen says:

    Geez I love Russia so much, such an amazing country <3
    A lot of love from France c:

  20. BartCloni says:

    RUSH B

  21. Zhitong Sun says:

    every time when I miss you, I listen this, yuri, I miss you, my Russian man

  22. Jalani Lee says:

    Hello, I'm going to use this for a show I'm doing at GCU called The Good Doctor.

  23. _ JohnW says:

    communism hit 'em nazis hard. i love russian tunes

  24. technofreeek says:

    They are singing with a heavy accent. This doesn't sound like Russian folk at all.

  25. Maurice Bond says:

    Très beau !

  26. christian nilsson says:

    nice finely a good side to licensee to old music

  27. account free says:


  28. Marcelo Favio P. says:

    YOu should have picked only russian speaking songs. My honest opinión.

  29. Lucho Pipe says:

    fua chaval que wena rola lpm +1000000 y fav te ganaste un sub lince

  30. Emily Paille says:

    I suddenly got the urge to break a bottle of Vodka over someones head

  31. Himmelsky87 says:

    41:33 <3 <3

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