SADE Greatest Hits – Full Album / The Best Of Sade Songs

SADE Greatest Hits - Full Album / The Best Of Sade Songs

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01. No Ordinary Love – 00:00
02. Smooth Operator – 07:22
03. By Your Side – 11:41
04. Kiss Of Life – 16:08
05. Cherish The Day – 20:18
06. Your Love ls King – 26:36
07. Soldier Of Love – 30:17
08. Paradise – 36:15
09. ls It A Crime – 39:47
10. Nothing Can Come Between Us – 46:10
11. Jezebel – 50:02
12. King Of Sarrow – 55:14
13. Never As Good As The First Time – 1:00:09
14. Hang On To Your Love – 1:04:05
15. Love ls Stronger Than Pride – 1:08:02
16. The Moon and The Sky – 1:12:21
17. Feel No Pain – 1:16:55
18. Babyfather – 1:20:42
19. Haunt Me – 1:25:24
20. You’re Not The Man – 1:31:14

33 Comments to SADE Greatest Hits – Full Album / The Best Of Sade Songs

  1. Queen Blockchain says:

    Who is here still watching in 2019? <3

  2. soundscan05 says:

    has she ever collaborated with bjork? that would be mental

  3. David Wakaba says:

    My Favorite musician. Her songs are just out of this world….

  4. robin maclennan says:


  5. Gui Lima says:


  6. Mario Omboni says:

    Ti amo

  7. Celina Nowogrodzka says:

    Kochana SADE !

  8. gunnar björnsson says:

    Donth vorry it is ol in yours hends,most of men love you,so by happy.

  9. Lsrry Salazar says:

    Awesome music!!Memory lane!!Back in the days!!

  10. Adolfo Mazuecos López says:

    Adolfo Mazuecos lopez
    Love 2018 me gusta

  11. Sergio Penta says:

    Persuasive music for soft atmospheres: amazing Sade

  12. Daughter Of A King says:

    Back when music had substance…….

  13. Rossclairborne says:

    You forgot 'War Of The Heart' 🙂 It's better than 75% of the songs here. And 'Slave Song ' too. Numero Uno! Great job though!

  14. subramanian kanjinkattu says:


  15. Zelda Langrock says:

    I forgot about this album.

  16. Kendrick Glover says:

    The only singer ever to give me a feeling of true peace.

  17. Nediljko Pusic says:

    Wahnsinn stimme

  18. Jose Cortez says:

    My music Beautiful

  19. Vigdis Hereide says:

    Love the song Paradise and her voice

  20. Sarah Esparza says:

    The best… just love her music

  21. 1Erosmuse says:

    I love Sade so much that I asked my sister to name her daughter "Sade" and she named her Colina Sade Santiago. Today she is a 36-year stunningly gorgeous woman, who looks and sings like with the same grace and elegance of her namesake "Sade"

  22. Massi Nissa says:

    heavy track

  23. maria aparecida santos says:

    Que delicia ouvir essas músicas!!

  24. chris jepson says:

    Smooth as silk. nice one 😉

  25. Christian Neveu says:


  26. cleci junges says:

    Muito bom de ouvir!

  27. Джон Мерзляков says:

    Like a tatoo ???.

  28. Annetta Jackson says:

    I want to be able to see one of her shows the next time,the very next time she comes and performs a concert in San Francisco I would truly love to go hoping against all hope that the next time she comes to San Francisco to give a concert I can afford to buy a ticket!?!! Love her anyway. She is true talent!!!

  29. Thierry Nicolas says:

    C'est quand même bien un bon SADE merci Nina 😉

  30. henryk kosylo says:

    nie "komentowac" kontemplowac sluchac … i cieszyc sie … MUZYKA p.SADE

  31. M.i.a liyah. says:

    fucking love Love

  32. Keynaan Adan says:

    Nina you're the best

  33. Jose Forex Ibiza says:

    Para mi, la mejor selección de la grande SADE…

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