Sakha folk music: Ayarkhaan – Dedication to the Blacksmiths’ Patron (BBC)

Sakha folk music: Ayarkhaan - Dedication to the Blacksmiths' Patron (BBC)

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Copyright © Albina Degtyareva and her Ayarkhaan group.
Copyright © BBC.

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16 Comments to Sakha folk music: Ayarkhaan – Dedication to the Blacksmiths’ Patron (BBC)

  1. NameGoesHere says:


  2. Diegoskiii says:

    wtf did i just watch

  3. ertugrul güven says:

    Türkiyeden Şanlı Türk kardaşlarıma selam olsun

  4. Walter Williams says:

    professional blacksmith(farrier), this sounds accurate. I think me and my buddies would make it in a Siberian village… spent many nights at the forge.

  5. Alice Capalbo says:

    I like that the professions have their own songs and traditions. I am enjoying your craft very much, and am imagining the blacksmith's spirit hard at work in the night 🙂

  6. Nicholas Petrov says:


  7. Dante Z says:

    Ассаламуғалейкум! Башҡортостандан ҙур СӘЛӘМ!

  8. Ronan Brennan says:

    what instrument are they using?

  9. Roderich Cohen says:

    Fantástico e belo.

  10. Batyr Hamzauly says:

    song name is khudai bakhsy. khudai mean is god and bakhsy is a shaman witch doctor, or spiritual healer. so it's not joyfull music. it's using for some shamanic ceremonies and rituals.

  11. Vitor Emanuel Oliveira says:

    This music is creepy. And I don't mean to bash it. It would be perfect for a terror movie or a caotic battle scene for example. I feel somehow intimidated by it XD

  12. Piotrusiekk says:

    AWWW!!! poland grreeeettttttttttttttsz SOOO COOOOOL AWW RUSSIA COOL ;3

  13. Cavid Kərimov says:

    yaşasın turkluk

  14. Dış Mihrak says:

    Orcs are coming! 

  15. Ayazgul Temirova says:

    Jaqsy onerdin jangyruy tarihi korinister !

  16. Mark Ture says:

    There is certainly something beautiful and otherworldy about it which makes it more magical.

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