Spice – What about the music (UK northern soul)

Spice - What about the music (UK northern soul)

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UK Northern Soul by the future Uriah Heep guys. Check the great mod psych / freakbeat flip, also on my channel.

If you collect this kind of stuff on 45 – drop me a line as I quite often have similar records or spares for trade etc… If you played in the band or know a band member – please let me know. If you have the record at home and it’s nothing you need to keep – please let me know. Thanks!

All soundfiles are taken from the record depicted.

5 Comments to Spice – What about the music (UK northern soul)

  1. Dave Jones says:

    final restart is at :58

  2. apataye says:

    I always liked this cover more than the Billy Harner original. One of the few cases of a soul cover made by whiteys being better than the original black tune. When I learned that this band -Spice- were the guys that barely one year later formed Uriah Heep (yes, the Heavy Rock band), I was speechless!!

  3. oscarowski says:

    thanks guys… will get that fixed when uploading new ones soon. THANKS AGAIN!

  4. deaconline says:

    seems to start about 3 times?

  5. Sandy Vanderbleek says:

    hey the upload mightaa messed up?

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