stephen winning the northern soul dance competition at blackpool tower nov 2011

stephen winning the northern soul dance competition at blackpool tower nov 2011

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The Northern soul dance final at blackpool tower in november 2011,well done to young 17yr old stephen from edinburgh,and also to the runner up.ktf.

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  1. ADRIAN BELL says:

    It is more of a hop skip and a jump than northern soul dancing, the acrobatics are ok, but the footwork is very poor and sloppy. The guy at the back is more of a ballet or figure skater type dancer. Back in the glory days of the Casino they would have been ridiculed, for that effort.

  2. Cath Stubbs says:

    you ain't seen me, and I'm in me 60s lol JTF

  3. 57dogsbody says:

    Is this a joke?

  4. Stef Malajny says:

    Not as good as me he he ! but bless them they are keeping the scene alive with youth and vigour , well done lads KTF

  5. Scot James says:

    Nice one, two young lads showing moves to music they love. Better than being in a club full of fuckwits and off their face on shite chemicals dancing to rudiculous EDM.

  6. DJ X-Ray says:

    I've danced to music most of my life and would say that neither of them are any good at dancing IMO. You either have rhythm or you haven't. It's natural . You're born with it . You can't somehow learn, or teach it. It's something within. Feel…that…groove!

  7. lloyd clayton says:

    wot ones Steven

  8. John Murphy says:

    If they want to clean the floor give them a brush and a mop.

  9. Norbert Astair says:

    James  Whitehead  Won that hands down !! Far better dancer !!!!!!!!!!

  10. Martin says:

    Disjointed, no rythm isnt even feeling the music .Spins totally out of control need i go on .

  11. RicTic66 says:

    Nobody did splits an back drops to The Epitome of Sound, spins yeah but the acrobatics looks contrived and do not suit the tune at all. These young dancers seem to think if they're not rolling all over the floor they're not doing it right.

  12. dawn fearon says:

    its not about how good you are its about the music

  13. harrybrechin says:

    name of the artist and song please

  14. Barry Cross says:

    Great to see a new generation keeping the faith. Though I really miss the best dancers from Wigan, especially Sandy Holt in M's & several others who you could sit & watch for hours on end. KTF 🙂

  15. Alex Wilde says:

    Wow, the man in the white shirt is impressive. Got a really good rythm going and kept it up.

  16. Norbert Astair says:

    To many people living in the past { Wigan Torch etc  1970s }  Welcome to the 2016 James Whitehead is a fantastic dancer with a style of his own !!

  17. mike galley says:

    two of the poorest footwork dancers i've ever seen……..

  18. plop202 says:

    What a joke.

  19. KevinK says:

    Those knocking the young lad in blue, should take a look at him on some more recent videos. Fantastic spins, great floor work, great rhythm. I went to Wigan from 77 on and now he'd be up with the best. So, give him a break, he was learning his craft and he's now a credit to himself and Northern Soul.

  20. Gary S says:

    Have to comment. The guy in the white shirt wins hands down! The chap in the foreground no rhythm just old tricks and probably dances the same to every track.

  21. Michael Harvey says:

    i agree not the best by a long way …but lets not forget, it was the music that mattered not how good you were with your feret…long may it live, keep the faith

  22. tuxjade says:

    that's how i dance when im pissed

  23. Lee Buckingham says:

    how did this young man win? those moves are his best shot I guess ,but come on now-have you seen dancers at the torch in 1970?

  24. andy peake says:

    Totally awful dancing… if in the early 70's would have laughed off the floor.  if I saw them now would be the same very , very poor…

  25. den o says:

    Never knew this was still going on – thought it was an old thing.

  26. Peter Bottomley says:

    Dancing by numbers and out of time.To busy trying to look good, 70's mediocre dancers, me included, would have wiped the floor with them.

  27. 80S CASUAL AMF says:

    The lad in white better moves own style .like it

  28. Wayne Edmondson says:

    the moves r there but were,s the soul brothers??????????

  29. tbjdiamonddog says:

    didn't look like a good year for dancers, but for soul brother61 to assume all the dancers were from the North in Wigan would be a mistake 

  30. themassofmen says:

    I think you have to take into account the performance enhancing power of speed. I've seen mediocre footballers look very good on speed. Same thing with NS dancing. I danced a lot in the 70s in discos down south but regret never having taken the trip to Wigan to test myself against the best there. I think I missed my true calling. Would have loved it.

  31. BeeCeeEfCee lad says:

    Allesandro – Divvy!

  32. Alessandro D'Alessio says:

    naff as fuck

  33. neil williams says:

    wouldnt have even got a look in at wigan honest     average to good fair play  ktf soul

  34. Peter McIver says:

    Neither are great dancers when you look at videos of the original NS dancers. The lad in blue is mostly doing set pieces and doesn't seem to show any feeling at all but the one in the white shirt is really feeling the groove and is more natural

  35. colin deans says:

    i would b fucked ..i got gout 

  36. robert michailovs says:


  37. motelr says:

    spinning off spot, to much gymnastics,not enough footwork

  38. david cassin says:

    fab dancing the more i see the videos the more im hooked,would love to be able to dance like that .

  39. MrGraphis says:

    So… which one was the winner?

  40. KeepTheFaith45 says:

    Leave the kids alone you grumpy old farts . It's evolution . If this is what helps keep our sounds alive today and tomorrow then thats it . No it's not like back in the day with bags and vests but lets be honest it was never really a good look though eh . . Move on

  41. barry huyton says:


  42. andy hustler says:

    Both are are very
    good dancers

  43. josh hall says:

    my dad and unlce went to wigan casino when they were young ans my unlce tam got voted the best dancer.. travelled down from edinburg most weekends.. my old man said the young guys good but not as good as half the older guys theses days.. keep tryin

  44. double hour says:

    brilliant thank you for posting takes me back

  45. Alessandro D'Alessio says:

    How cheesy I understand young uns getting into the scene as I'am into it myself always thought dance comps are naff and It pisses me off with people putting dance moves in when there not even in time to the music or to the dance break ffs

  46. frank livingston says:

    What are people going to make up next ?!??!

  47. lacecee1 says:

    Thanks for posting this video.. I found this video sometime last year but couldn't see the dancers close up. So .. Really pleased to find this. I love the vibe of northern soul .. Wish I was there. Let vibe flow.

  48. aidy6000 says:

    you wouldnt see anyone going to the floor of any modern night club now, not unless you want to cut your self on broken glass and spit

  49. redsky106 says:

    yeah it seems to be the parents who want to live their lives through their kids getting them into the scene . i dont think there is anything wrong but its not what it was all about . you had to be there at the time

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