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Frankie Avalon — Ballad of the Alamo (The Alamo) (VintageMusic.es)

Frankie Avalon -- Ballad of the Alamo (The Alamo) (VintageMusic.es)

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CD VINTAGE Music In My Car, en tus desplazamientos disfruta del paisaje con la compañía de la agradable música vintage. 01. PATSY CLINE, Just Out of Reach 02. JIM REEVES, Til The End Of The World. 03. JOHNY CASH, Frankie’s Man, Johny 04. Bruce Channel, Hey Baby 05. THE MARCELS, Heartaches 06. ROBERTA SHERWOOD, Someday, Sweetheart. 07. THE DIAMONDS, Zip, Zip 08. ANDY GRIFFITH, Just a Closer Walk With Theee 09. THE ANDREW SISTERS, One For The Wonder 10. FRANKIE AVALON, The Alamo 11. THE FOUR KINGHTS, Tennessee Train 12. PAT BOONE, Chattanogie Shoe Shine Boy 13. JULIA LEE, Tonight’s The Night 14. THE AMERS BROTHERS, Blind Barnabus 15. DORIS DAY, The Black Hills Of Dakota 16. SONNY JAMES, Twenty Feet Of Muddy Watrer 17. THE JORDANAIRES, Dig A Little Deeper 18. TIMI YURO, For You 19. THE FIVE DALLAS BOYS, 26 Miles 20. HANK SNOW, Honeymon On a Rocket Ship 21. BETTY REILLY, The Saga Of Elvis Presley 22. ELTON BRITT, Home On The Range 23. The Opening Song

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English Folk Music (Jig, Ballad, Country, Broadside and more…)

English Folk Music (Jig, Ballad, Country, Broadside and more...)

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Musica folclórica inglesa

Hello, people, here’s my new video, about english folk, we start with a beautiful and famous rota melody, called ”Greensleeves”.

Hola, gente, aquí esta mi nuevo vídeo, acerca de la música folclórica de Inglaterra, empezamos con una hermosa y de hecho tambien famosa melodía (del genero ”rota”), llamada ”Greensleeves”.


I. 0:00 Greensleeves
Album: Irish and celtic folk classics
Artist: Irish and Celtic folk wanderers
II. 0:50 Sellenger’s Round
Album: Incantare
Artist: Musica Subterranea
III. 2:36 Sumer is icumen in
Album: Pavane
Artist: Shelley Phillips and friends
IV. 5:00 Nacht Tanz/Shaeffertanz
Album: A maid in Bedlam
Artist: The John rebourn group
V. 8:26 Daleys/Maggy in the wood/Sweeneys/Father sweeneys/Teahan’s favourite/The bally
Album: Nortumbrian and irish folk
Artist: Rowan Tree Hill
VI. 13:07 The Lincolnshire Poacher
Album: Full English – A collection of traditional british folk songs
Artist: Mat Williams
VII. 16:24 The old grey goose
Album:Ireland’s champion fiddler
Artist: Sean McGuire
VII. 19:43 A maid in Bedlam
Album: A maid in Bedlam
Artist: The John rebourn group